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Margaret Josephs Shares Her First Impressions Of The RHONJ Ladies!

Margaret Josephs is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's Season 8 premiere episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Margaret Josephs shares her first impressions of the RHONJ ladies and the trip to Boca Raton.

Margaret writes:

"Hi everyone! I am SO excited to be on this adventure with you all! All my life, I’ve been an open book and my family affectionately calls me “TMI Marge.” I think after this episode, you’ll see why...#potpuss. What you see is what you get! I’ll tell you what I’m thinking, share my opinions, and then I’ll share a laugh or two...again and again. That’s what I do. I have the ability to laugh at almost anything and everything, because I find diffusing a situation with humor is the best way to move on. With everything that’s going on in the world these days, we can all use a little more laughter and a lot more love, you know? But, as you will see in this episode, this can make some people a bit...umm...crazy.

As a proud Jersey Girl, joining this group of ladies was quite the whirlwind!!

Teresa was the sweetest from the moment I met her. She’s strong, which we know, but also profoundly thoughtful and endearing. I was truly impressed by her resilience and ability to navigate whatever life throws at her with such ease. I loved meeting Melissa! She truly is a gorgeous glam girl and quite the girl-boss. We naturally bonded over business, and everything came easy with us. I have faced so many setbacks that I should be in a constant state of rewind, but one thing I’ve come to grips with is that what doesn’t kill you truly makes you stronger, and I think it’s clear that Melissa has some serious resolve!

I had watched the show, so I of course had some trepidations about meeting Danielle, but she did not disappoint! Within minutes of meeting me, she notified me that she “didn’t do well with outsiders,” but we bonded within minutes over our love of “naughty” behavior in the bedroom. She is one of the most nurturing, cuddly, therapeutic, and thoughtful women I have been introduced to, and I can’t wait for you to get acquainted with the Danielle Staub I know and love.

Siggy and I had run into each other here and there over the past several years. I had lived in Tenafly for 26 years, so I met her when she first came to town from her Boca period. She brought those sensibilities to Jersey, and she’s always been a bit over the top. Even in her Uggs at CVS in the middle of the night, she is absolutely the same: loud, fun, crazy, and a true one and only.

Dolores was very sweet to me and I enjoyed meeting her. I think she is truly such a natural beauty.

The death of Teresa’s mother was so tragic and knowing just how much Teresa has been through — my heart breaks for her. I couldn’t believe how she stayed so strong for her girls. I can’t even begin to imagine coping with that loss because I am so close to my mom — I just can’t. My heart truly goes out to the entire Gorga family.

Joining the girls in Boca was the perfect intro, I think. It was a birthday getaway, a distraction from some heavy stuff at home, and what’s better than a girls trip for some fun, crazy, silly, cake-throwing good times? Tragedies are hard to take, and when children and parents are involved, they’re nearly unbearable, so I’m glad Teresa, Joe, and Melissa are in a better place after Antonia’s passing and are there to support each other. Family is everything to me, and seeing how strong that bond is and became is really powerful and comforting. I’m really looking forward to introducing you to my family.

Actually, you got a glimpse of my Super Joe, the love of my life, and my mom, Marge Sr., who is my rock — truly the best friend I’ve ever had and the glammest of the glam!! Whether she’s teetering in heels, dressed to the nines to go to a drive-thru or driving her Mini Cooper around town — the car has eyelashes on the headlights...need I say more? She is only 20 years older than me, so growing up, it wasn’t always clear who the parent was! You will really have fun getting to know her. Warning: she is definitely the most #EXTRA person on the face of the Earth and also where I get my better qualities from.

As I mentioned earlier, Siggy and I had known each other from town for years and her invitation to join them at NY Prime was so thoughtful. I never turn down a good dinner with the girls! I absolutely got more than I bargained for. Experiencing Siggy in her natural habitat was definitely something. Her entrance into the restaurant belonged in the circus!! Quite the sideshow. Danielle just walked up to us without saying a word — that’s how you make an entrance.

I mean, I get it. When girls travel and are in vacay mode, you get to truly see the unedited versions of them without the pressures of home life. For instance, I was really happy to see Teresa and Melissa let loose and take time to enjoy life after all they had been through. But when girls start to voice concerns and try to help each other out, it gets a bit tricky. I mean, Siggy’s reaction to the conversation completely took me by surprise. Women being in control of their own happiness and destiny is very important to me, as I have been lucky enough to be in control of mine. From what I’ve seen, every successful woman entrepreneur is the one who steers her ship. Am I a feminist? Yes. But you don’t have to be a feminist to champion women’s empowerment. My question to Siggy didn’t come from a place of judgment, it came from a place of concern for a friend who was clearly at a crossroads and struggling with being forced to choose.

Her wine-throwing response completely threw me for a loop. I was hoping for a therapeutic discussion, not an aggressive schooling on manhood. Look, Marge Sr. raised me to believe a “real man” was secure enough to see his wife succeed and let her be her biggest, best, most independent self. Is that thought something worth getting defensive about — especially to that extreme? I had no idea her reaction would be quite so extreme!! A simple "let’s change the topic" would’ve sufficed. Note to self: next time someone says something you don’t like, start slinging that wine! I think that’s what ramped up the nerves and the crazy quotient, so when the cake was flung, the night became an event.

#CakeGate was NBD!! Or am I missing something? I understand being disappointed, but having a total freakout was a lot, even for Jersey! I had never seen this dark side of Siggy. She had always appeared so fun, so to see her get seriously upset over a cake completely shocked me. And telling me to “go f--- [my]self...” Well, let’s just say she better take it down a &$Q*@#^% notch.

And maybe someone should tell Siggy: “Wine has feelings know?” ;)"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo