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Lydia McLaughlin: “I Was Grateful I Had A Heart To Heart Moment With Meghan”

Lydia McLaughlin is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Lydia McLaughlin opens up about Doug's balls voyage party and hopes Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson meet up to rekindle their friendship.

Lydia writes:

"My heart is breaking for the innocent victims in the Las Vegas shooting last night, for the people of Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas, and all the other people affected by the wildfires, floods, and earthquakes. Please do what you can to help where your heart is pulled. There are many great organizations out there that need our help! Everyone can make a difference.

Onto tonight’s episode...

If you know me, I love to throw a party! I wanted to throw Doug a party the night before his vasectomy to keep our minds occupied. We needed a distraction and a yacht party sounded like the perfect distraction. Doug’s party was a lot of fun. It was nice just being with all the woman and not have anyone fight! I was sad Vicki was sick and had to miss the evening.

I found it awkward that none of the ladies took responsibility for the Farmhouse dinner. My feelings were hurt, but I just wanted to have a drama free night so I dropped it. I was grateful I had a heart to heart moment with Meghan before everyone showed up and felt like she was a good friend in hearing my feelings and acknowledging them. I left the night telling Doug how much I appreciated her and her friendship.

Doug’s vasectomy was stressful in the moment but his recovery was relatively least for me. Haha. Of course while you are sitting in the waiting room, your mind is running wild, but it was simple and quick. He is a champ and I'm very grateful for him.

Our Easter celebration at my mom’s was very fun. My parents are still married, and have a wonderful relationship. My dad was in Canada for work so he wasn't there for the celebration. I cherish these moments where my kiddos are young and creating fun times together. My mom is the best and had all the eggs and cookies for us!

I treasure Tamra and our friendship. She has been there for me in a lot of ways and I enjoy who she is and our time together. I also love Vicki and have so many memories of laughing with her. When Tamra and I are working out, I just felt like I could see Tamra’s heart and she was finally at a place to move forward and forgive Vicki. Then Vicki calls! Life sometimes is all about timing and I have a feeling the timing for their friendship still isn't right, but we'll have to wait and see next week..."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo