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LeeAnne Locken Gives An Update On Her Relationship With Bestie Tiffany Hendra!

LeeAnne Locken returned to The Real Housewives of Dallas for Season 2 without her bestie Tiffany Hendra, who has made several cameo appearances this season. If you recall, Hendra confirmed this early this summer that she decided to walk away from the Bravo hit reality show to focus on other projects.

LeeAnne revealed earlier this season that she was "devastated" when she heard that Tiffany wouldn't be a part of RHOD Season 2, she said she was glad she accompanied her to Stephanie Hollman's Halloween party. "It was nice to have her by my side. It was nice to have her there," LeeAnne shared with The Daily Dish. "It's just weird because some of the other girls who refuse to give me a chance, she's somewhat of a bridge. And so I truly appreciate that."

LeeAnne reveals that she and Tiffany still talk about all the drama that goes down on RHOD — but not too much. "She is very familiar with everything that's going on. She is going to keep everything light and cordial because that's what she does," LeeAnne said. "I don't overload her with it, because I kind of feel like that's what I did the first year, and it was very rough on our friendship. And I would just never want to do anything to harm our friendship."

LeeAnne went on to explain that the experience of Season 1 of RHOD didn't have a negative impact on her friendship with Tiffany, but she knows that she put her bestie in a difficult position. "I just think that I requested a lot of it because I needed more from her because everyone was coming for me, and it was so hard for her being in the middle. And I feel like everyone put her in the middle; it wasn't just me," LeeAnne said. "And I think she never got to be herself. She only had to be the girl in the middle, and I just don't think that was a fair place to put her, but it's what happened, and I felt horrible about it."

Despite it all, LeeAnne and Tiffany are as close as ever these days as the RHOD alum continues to focus on her career and life with her loved ones, including husband Aaron Hendra. "I'm excited to watch along with the fans as I will not be returning full-time this season," Tiffany previously told The Daily Dish. "Aaron and I are continuing to enjoy building our life and projects here in Dallas as well as spending more time in Australia with family."

LeeAnne also filled The Daily Dish in on how Tiffany is still leaving her mark on Dallas. "She is doing [empowerment and media] coaching, she still does coaching. And she's always working on her Sanctuary of Style [web series] on YouTube. The numbers have increased. She's out there constantly helping women, constantly doing good work in our community," she said. "I just love to see her happy. It's nice to see her smile and laugh."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo