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Kim Zolciak-Biermann Reveals Her Secret To A Happy Marriage With Husband Kroy Biermann!

Kim Zolciak Biermann isn’t shy to share the No. 1 thing that keeps her marriage to husband of nearly six years, Kroy, strong. “Sex, sex and more sex, for sure!” the Don't Be Tardy star tells Entertainment Tonight, adding that communication comes second.

“That’s definitely not my strong point,” she admits. “So, I’m consistently and constantly working on that. But, communication is key. You know, your husband or your wife, they’re not mind readers. As much as I think Kroy is, he’s not.”

The mother-of-six also confesses she often forgets to live in the moment -- and not on her phone.

“I think that’s the struggle that is now, you know, part of being a mom, a dad, with children, with your partner -- social media, phones, Facebook, Instagram -- all this kind of social media stuff,” she says. “Kroy will be talking to me and -- ding ding -- my phone will go off, and it’s an email, or something on Instagram, whatever it is, and I’ll just pick the phone up and he’ll be like, ‘I’m talking to you!’ You know, and so that’s kind of almost a constant struggle in my house.”

“We have days on the weekends where nobody’s allowed to have their phones,” Kim reveals. “Being present with your partner is pretty, pretty important.”

Kim says communication is also a big factor in parenting and she reveals that no-phones rule applies to her kids too.

“Except Brielle sneaks her phone,” Kim notes. “She’s 20, so she can. But Ariana, [15], we try to take the phone away at least for a day, or I love when she’s grounded, because I take the phone.”

Fans of Don’t Be Tardy will see Ariana get in some trouble in the new sixth season. “You know the tough part about Ariana is, she’s my straight-A student,” Kim says. “So, it’s like, OK. You’re sneaking out, [but] you’re a straight-A student, your grades aren’t suffering. It’s kind of a struggle ... she’s growing up and she isn’t as open as Brielle.”

“I parent Ariana very different than I did Brielle, and do Brielle,” she continues. “It gets a little bit harder when boys are in the mix, and kind of sneaking out, and what have you. Trying to figure out how to parent and communicate effectively with each one of your children is definitely a process.”

The new season will also feature the scary moment Kim’s 5-year-old son, Kash, was attacked by a dog.

“I’ve never been through anything so traumatic in my life,” Kim shares. “I hope to never go through anything like that ever again. [It’s] been life-changing for me and everyone in my family,” she adds. “I dread [watching it back], I do. I dread it. I also hope to bring a lot of awareness to the situation as well. And that’s why I decided to share it, because I was definitely on the fence, to be honest.”

The low of Kash’s accident is quickly followed by the high of Kim and Kroy’s vow renewal, though. Kim admits it didn’t feel like the “right time” to do it, but they kept the plans, as the date held special meaning.

“It was seven years to the day that we met that we did it,” Kim shares. “Seven’s kind of our lucky number. You know, always wanted to do it. Having such a large wedding … was a lot. So, I always had hoped that we could do something really quaint and small, and Turks and Caicos is our favorite spot in the whole wide world. And then, to have all the kids there? We don’t even have a family photo, aside from the twins being, like, three weeks old … so, we got a family photo!”

“Our vow renewal was pretty spectacular,” she says. “I think that will definitely be a highlight, because there were so many other things going on at that point, so to actually watch it again will be pretty awesome.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo