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Kelly Dodd: “Vicki Let Her Anger Over Past Transgressions Cloud Her Judgment”

Kelly Dodd is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Kelly Dodd weighs in on Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge's sit-down and Peggy and Diko Sulahian's anniversary party.

Kelly writes:

"Yay! Vicki and Tamra finally got together to have “the talk” to try to rekindle their friendship!

Damn, what the hell just happened? Vicki screwed up, that’s what happened. Apparently, the colonic didn’t remove all the toxins, because when Vicki sat down with Tamra, she had a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth. It pains me to say this, as Vicki is my very dear friend, but I cannot understand how she screwed up so badly with Tamra. For some reason, despite her best intentions, Vicki let her anger over past transgressions cloud her judgment. You know Vicki blew it when Tamra comes across as the calm, rational person who righteously walks away with her dignity intact. Vicki is left trying to rationalize the debacle and somehow try to save face. In this round of Vicki and Tamra’s ongoing feud, Tamra delivered a TKO.  

In addition to lots of sunshine and drama, the OC has an abundance of realtors, lawyers, plastic surgeons and trust fund kids. If my mom was able to lavish extravagant gifts on me, the way Judy does for Lydia, I would be all rainbows and fairy dust, too. While watching Lydia and Judy shopping, the soundtrack playing in my head was, “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world. Life in plastic. It’s fantastic.” I don’t know if Mattel makes a belly-dancing version of Barbie, but they should.

It’s a difficult, emotional time right now for my family. We appreciate everyone who has reached out to express support and best wishes to us. I enjoy having my dad around, but watching my mom and dad argue brings back a lot of painful memories. I love them both, and I just wish they could be friends, forgive and forget, and try harder to get along. I wish the same for Tamra and Vicki’s relationship.

Nobody wants to arrive at a party and find out another partygoer is wearing the same dress as you. Can you imagine my surprise to see that Shannon and Tamra chose to wear almost the exact same dress as me? We looked like human disco balls! Tamra was proud of her $50 dress, but my dress was actually 10 years old. See, fashion does come full circle!

Michael and I had a great time at Peggy and Diko’s anniversary party. It was a wonderful celebration of their marriage, their family, and their Armenian culture.

Peggy has a beautiful family. I am glad Koko was featured in this week’s episode — he is so frickin’ cute. Dressed in that suit, he looked like a little mobster. How apropos that he was shaking his mom down for money! It’s a good thing Koko was there or Vicki would have no one to talk to. All of us, except apparently Lydia, enjoyed the belly dancer’s performance, but Koko seemed to enjoy it the most.  

Considering the friction in Tamra and Vicki’s relationship, any time they are in the same room together, it’s awkward. Now that I am friendly with all the ladies, it was inevitable that choosing which table to sit at for dinner was going to be a challenge. Fortunately, I was in the bathroom when everyone started to sit, so Michael grabbed the first available seats, which happened to be with Shannon, Tamra and Meghan. Vicki saying there was a power struggle on where I should sit was just paranoia on her part.  

The party definitely brought out a side of Peggy I had not yet seen. As Tamra said, Peggy was in her element. Peggy was the life of the party. Finally, she was relaxed, fun, and having a great time. Trust me, if Michael gave me an expensive watch and a 22 carat diamond necklace, I’d be happy too. But sadly, no nookie, no goodie!

I am pretty sure Lydia has never been to a strip club. Confusing a belly dancer in a family restaurant with a stripper shows how insulated Lydia’s life is. Let’s see: Lydia is uncomfortable with drag queens, cross-dressing, discussing her boob job in front of men, and belly dancing, but totally comfortable telling everyone about Doug’s beautiful balls. Huh??

Smoking a hookah with the girls was fun, but it would have been so much better with a little weed. Just kidding. How did Shannon drive though south-central LA to go to USC and not know about 420? It was a prerequisite at ASU.

Speaking of prerequisites, Diko apparently never received the syllabus on what to do (and what not do) when your wife becomes a Real Housewife. Rule #1: Husbands should not confront a Housewife who is not your 'Wife. It’s never going to go well for you. However, having said that, it seems Diko wants to be the eighth housewife, so maybe the rules don’t apply to him.

Breaking rule #1, Diko chose to take Shannon aside and discuss what he perceived as David’s interrogation of him on the boat (regarding Peggy’s cancer). Diko blindsided Shannon with the topic, but I thought Shannon handled the situation well. Shannon exuded class as she spoke to Peggy about what Diko had said then walked away keeping her composure.   

Finally, in the car for the ride home, Shannon updated Tamra on her conversation with Diko and Peggy and got upset. Shannon said, “If you have a problem with my husband then talk to him,” which (per the flashback) is almost verbatim what Vicki had told Shannon about Brooks. I love the irony."

What do you think about Kelly’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo