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Kelly Dodd Opens Up About Divorcing Husband Michael Dodd!

Kelly Dodd is getting candid about her split from husband Michael Dodd. “It was just, it was not working,” the Real Housewives of Orange County star told Entertainment Tonight. “I guess everyone has a final straw, I just … it was like, just disagreements all the time.”

“You'll see it [play] out on camera,” she teases of what led to her decision. “Just continue to watch [Real Housewives of Orange County] and you'll see how everything is good, and then just a hardcore left.”

This will actually be the second time the Bravo reality star has filed to end her marriage. She and Michael separated back in 2012, then reconciled.

“That's probably what the course of my relationship is like with Michael,” she adds. “It's either good or really bad.”

However, this time it’s amicable. “We're really good friends,” she admits. “He's my family. He's part of my family, and he always will be, you know? I always want him in my life. We always want to do things together with [our 10-year-old daughter], Jolie, and it was just, we just can't live together. That's it."

At the moment the couple is still living together for now.

“It's a new chapter in my life, which I'm pretty excited about,” Kelly says of the divorce and her impending move. “[I’m excited for] just, you know, spending one-on-one time with my daughter,” she shares. “Getting just really focused … focused on Kelly.”

Photo Credit: Google Images