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Kelly Dodd On Lydia McLaughlin And Tamra Judge’s Group Text Drama: “Tamra Was A Bit Dismissive, And Lydia Completely Overreacted”

Kelly Dodd is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Kelly Dodd shares her thoughts on Iceland trip, text gate drama between Lydia McLaughlin and Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson's health scare.

Kelly writes:

"I always thought hell would have to freeze over to get the seven of us to go on a trip and get along. Welcome to Iceland!

I have to say, landing in Iceland and driving through the vast natural landscape was a definite culture shock. And the fact that it stays light outside for 22 hours a day was a total mindf***. I love traveling and discovering new cultures, so I have to thank Lydia for organizing this trip. The fact that she chose Iceland was so unexpected! It’s just what some of these women need to get out of their Orange County bubble.

You can tell from our car ride that I am intellectually curious when it comes to visiting new places. I couldn’t help wanting to know everything about Reykjavik. I’m not surprised that Peggy was bored and wanted me to be quiet. She’s very sheltered — she said herself that she’s never been on a trip without her husband before. I think venturing outside of her comfort zone and seeing new places will broaden her horizons. And hopefully, the stick will fall out of her ass somewhere along the way!

Did you like how I said that men from Iceland have big wieners? I wouldn’t know. Honestly, traveling to Reykjavik, I was expecting it to be more of an urban city. When we arrived at Hotel Rangá, I was amazed to realize there was literally nothing around us. It was like being stranded on another planet. I thought Hotel Rangá was really beautiful, and I love how eclectic it was. Each of the rooms had different themes — mine was Peruvian. It was really great to see Tamra and Vicki getting along. I think we would all like to see them bury the hatchet. (Just don’t ask Peggy what that expression means. I promise, she’s clueless.) I loved seeing Shannon get a few laughs in with Vicki, too. It’s amazing what jet lag and a few glasses of champagne will accomplish.

You could tell by my reaction that I was not a fan of the fermented shark. It tasted like formaldehyde mixed with a big, fat, sweaty, old vagina. Seriously, it was beyond foul. I’m thankful that Fridrik taught us a lot about Icelandic culture while we were there. He was the best host! He even took Vicki and I out on the town, too. Thank God Vicki was there so we could go out with Fridrik and see what Reykjavik is really about. We went out around 11 o’clock, and we actually got to see what darkness in Iceland looked like, because we stayed out until 4 in the morning.

Lydia’s fight with Tamra about the group text message was completely ridiculous. Tamra was a bit dismissive, and Lydia completely overreacted, so I’m glad they were able to address it quickly and move on.

“Inadvertently” must have been on Shannon’s Word of the Day calendar, because she kept “inadvertently” getting involved in Lydia and Tamra’s argument. I think Shannon only has the best intentions, but this is a great example of why we all need to stay out of other people’s disputes...they only end up escalating. Never underestimate the power of playing it off, Shannon!

Speaking of which, it’s troubling the way that Shannon feels the need to keep making jokes about her figure. She’s always talking about food, clothing sizes, or exercise. Andy Warhol famously said to always point out your beauty defects right away, rather than take the chance that somebody else notices them and has the satisfaction of doing it for you. I think Shannon has taken that practice one step too far. She looks great! She should own it and make the best of it. 

I’ve got to hand it to Lydia for organizing so many adventurous outings. Iceland is a gorgeous country, and where else do you get to experiences sights like a giant black beach or a glacier covered in volcanic ash? I think some mild PTSD kicked in when we realized we were going to be riding ATVs. Glamis anyone? I quickly determined that, for survival purposes, it would be better to get on a vehicle with Vicki this time instead of offense, Tamra. I wish I could have enjoyed it, but that ATV ride was pure misery for me. I was only 1-2 weeks out from having reconstructive breast surgery, so I was in a lot of pain. I was shocked to see those giant whale fossils protruding from the shore—that would never happen in California! In Corona Del Mar, that carcass would have been taken away in a second!

Hiking on the glaciers was unbelievable. We got all the way to the top. It makes me sad to think that in 10 or 20 years, it’ll all be gone. It was weird to even think about the fact that we were standing on top of, essentially, a giant ice cube. It felt more like a mountain.

It was so scary when we got back to the hotel and Vicki got sick. It seemed like she was having an anxiety attack. Peggy was being severely annoying, insisting on pushing me aside and taking care of Vicki herself. She was giving Vicki even more anxiety while I was trying to calm her down. I was terrified for Vicki...especially when the police showed up. I was terrified for Vicki and felt like she really needed me there to hold her hand through this ordeal. Peggy’s obnoxious behavior only made matters worse. To be continued…you’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens with that!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo