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Kelly Dodd Accuses Meghan King Edmonds Of Having An Affair With Jim Edmonds While He Was Still Married!

Kelly Dodd dropped a major bombshell during her recent appearance on E!'s The Daily Pop, where the Real Housewives of Orange County star shared some juicy details about her co-star Meghan King Edmonds' relationship with husband Jim, accusing her of being the mistress of the former MLB athlete prior to them getting married.

If you recall earlier this season on RHOC, Meghan and Kelly got in a heated argument over a text message exchange in which they both accused the other of cheating on her spouse (or, soon-to-be-ex spouse in Kelly's case). Meghan asked Kelly if a certain mystery man was her boyfriend. Kelly said the man she was referring to was a guy "who's like my brother" and fired back by telling Meghan her husband had a mistress. Meghan was pregnant with her daughter Aspen at the time.

Now, while appearing on the E! talk show, Kelly revealed that she thought the text message exchange was a "private conversation" and that it was "stupid" of Meghan to bring up "rumors about your husband that are out there that you know about." Then, she then dropped this bombshell:

"It's like, I don't pinpoint her stuff out when she was having an affair with Jimmy when he was married to Allison," Kelly said. "I don't put that stuff out there. Sorry, spilling the tea now."

Allison Jayne Raski was the second wife of the former St. Louis Cardinals player. The baseball star had also been married to first wife Lee Ann Horton before eventually tying the knot with Meghan.

Meanwhile, a source tells E! News, "For people to insinuate that Meghan had an affair with Jim is completely bogus. Jim's second wife, Allison, was not romantically involved with Jim whatsoever when Meghan and him met."

Kelly also said that she and Meghan are no longer friends and that she doesn't trust her. Meghan also previously told E! News that she regrets introducing Kelly to the group of women as her friend when Kelly first joined the show.

Photo Credit: Bravo