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Kameron Westcott Thinks Brandi Redmond Is A “Mean Girl” And Explains Why She Believes Stephanie Hollman And Brandi Were Not Being Good Friends To Carey Deuber!

Kameron Westcott is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Kameron Westcott opens up about her issues with Brandi Redmond and explains why she feels like Brandi and Stephanie Hollman were not being good friends to Cary Deuber in Mexico. What were you thinking while watching what the other ladies were up to at the tequila bar?

Kameron Westcott: I was thinking that I was glad I went to bed early. Looked fun (sort of), but unlike D'Andra Simmons, I am just too old to have a "hard night, good morning!" Why do you feel like Brandi Redmond was not a good friend to Cary Deuber? What do you think Brandi and Stephanie Hollman should have done differently at the cave dinner?

KW: If Brandi and Stephanie had issues with Cary regarding the doctor conversations, they needed to confront her and tell her while we all were at the jacuzzi that day or while they were with her alone at the pool. There was no reason for them to wait to confront her in front of the entire group — that was just so disrespectful! It shows that they don’t value her as a close friend. Did you know Brandi called you Big Bird? What do you think of her double standard theory with you and Cary?

KW: As if Brandi was not insecure enough already. It’s not enough that she makes a fool of herself on national television; she has to go one step further and put others down based on their physical appearance. While I may judge her on her lack of character, which I am proud of, Brandi on the other hand is a mean girl (like she said herself) that judges people about immutable superficial characteristics behind their backs. Why did you decide to ask Brandi and Stephanie about their feelings about LeeAnne Locken on the boat? What were you thinking when Brandi said you were "full of s---?"

KW: Brandi and Stephanie have spoken behind LeeAnne’s back many times, and not in positive ways. I thought their behavior at the cave dinner and how they pretended they all were BFFs by giving LeeAnne high fives was totally FAKE! I wanted them to confront LeeAnne and to be honest with her. Nothing could get better in this group, friendship-wise, until they did. At that moment, I got to a point that I could not stand it anymore. Watching someone be sweet to someone’s face and talk badly behind their back just kills me!! Brandi calling me a bitch did not bother me one bit; that was just her defense mechanism since I exposed her! Why did you walk away from Sexual Chocolate, and what do you mean by Brandi being “trashy?”

KW: Chase me with a sex toy once, shame on you. Chase me twice, shame on me. I should have known that since they did not respect my boundaries once that they would do it again. I meant exactly what I said; Stephanie and Brandi are being trashy girls, not because of where they live, but because of how they carry themselves. Call me a prude or a bore if you want, but they are not the positive, uplifting women that I want to associate myself with. I don't have time for such elementary and lowbrow humor. kinda let loose this episode — you even said “suck it!” How is your playful side different than Brandi's?

KW: I wouldn't say that I was letting loose. The only time I really let loose is when there is a sale at Neiman’s. I was angry and frustrated that Brandi kept bullying me, and I’d just had enough of her childish behavior and was done. My playful side is different than Brandi's in that it does not involve betraying my morals just for a punchline. I may be Big Bird, but she will always be Oscar the Grouch playing with trash.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo