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Kameron Westcott Reacts To Brandi Redmonds’ Accusations About Cary Deuber: “It’s Really Sad That A Close Friend Would Spread A Rumor Like This”

Kameron Westcott is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Kameron Westcott opens up about her dog food business and weighs in on the drama at Brandi Redmond's party. What do you think about Brandi saying that you have boundaries, but there are none at her party in Brandi Land?

Kameron Westcott: While Brandi may be a fan of anarchy, I’m pretty sure we still live in the US of A, and there are laws. Besides that, I’m a big girl and can handle myself, and if I get uncomfortable, there’s always the exit with my face mask, PJs, and Louis waiting for me at home. My Uber turns into a pumpkin at midnight anyway! Your dog food is a go — what was it like going to “Boonville” and hearing that the dog plant liked your idea? Is it available now?

KW: Working with them was such an amazing experience. While I did stand out like an SMU sorority girl with a designer purse, they were so helpful in making my dreams come true! Yes, SparkleDog Food is now officially real, and you can find it at my website or on Amazon! I have also partnered my dog food brand with Susan G. Komen, and a portion of my proceeds will be donated to women currently fighting breast cancer and breast cancer research! The pink Kibbles represent #MoreThanPink! Tell us about the confrontation with the ladies downstairs. What did you think of the ladies comparing the dildo to Cary’s “nakedness?”

KW: The girls do have a point, but I also can’t teach a kindergarten class every day. As long as they understand my personal boundaries and don’t make me feel uncomfortable, I don’t care what they decide to do — I just ask they don’t do it around me! Tell us about sticking up for Cary. Why did you feel the need to have her back, and what do you think of Brandi’s response to you speaking up?

KW: I don’t think any of the girls were expecting me to voice my opinion. I do always voice my opinion though, no matter what when it is needed. I was just shocked how Brandi and Cary were so close, and then Brandi turned a switch so quick and went after Cary for a few things in front of the group! It all was just unnecessary drama. Brandi blindsided Cary, and I felt bad because I saw the situation all play out in front of my very own eyes. The motive behind all this was extremely confusing! That glass shattering moment…what were you thinking when that went down?

KW: Like I said, now I know why Brandi serves plastic at her parties. She definitely attracts a different crowd than I am used to. I was very disappointed that LeeAnne gave into her anger and overreacted. I mean, it kills me to see nice china broken. I know LeeAnne is not proud of this behavior, but at least she is working on it and is proactively taking herself to anger management. What do you think about Brandi bringing up the fact that Cary was once Mark’s nanny?

KW: I think it’s really sad that a close friend would spread a rumor like this. I don’t care if it is true or not — they are married, so let them be! It’s beating a dead horse at this point. Last year, Cary was tormented already for other rumors regarding her marriage. At this point, we should just let it go. I’m so over it!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo