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Joanna Krupa Reveals What May Have Ruined Her Marriage To Romain Zago!

Joanna Krupa recently opened up about her dating life since her divorce from Romain Zago. "Honestly, right now I’m trying to focus on work. I just feel like men in Hollywood are looking a trophy wife," the former Real Housewives of Miami star told Us Weekly.

"It’s really hard to get to know somebody, to get to know you for you. So I think Hollywood is a tough dating city. I think I’m kind of over it for right now and I’m more focused on work to see where that takes me and if prince charming comes along, great. But I just feel like it’s really tough in L.A."

"My ex-husband and I did the LA-Miami thing but I feel like it’s definitely healthier if two people are in one city," she continued. "The bicoastal relationship was really tough and I think that really had a lot to do with why we’re not together right now. Traveling from L.A. to Miami and then also traveling out of the country. It would be nice to meet somebody local and just settle here."

Despite the breakup, the former couple appear to be amicable. As for whether she would ever reconcile with him? "We’re friends. We talk on a daily basis. But I think when things go wrong I don’t know if there’s a way to go back," she said.

Since the split, Krupa has been linked to entrepreneur Nico Santucci. "We’ve been friends. We met about five months ago. He’s a great person, I adore him, but that’s where were at. We’re friends," she added, noting to "never say never" about a relationship blossoming between them.

As we previously reported, Krupa and her ex-husband, Romain Zago, split in May after less than four years of marriage.

Photo Credit: Bravo