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Jax Taylor Says He’s “Probably Going Into Hiding” When Vanderpump Rules Returns For Season 6!

While fans anxiously wait for the upcoming sixth season of Vanderpump Rules, there's one cast member who is not looking forward to the new season of the Bravo hit reality series — and that is SURver bad boy Jax Taylor. During a recent interview, the Bravo reality star teases about Season 6 and reveals why this is not going to be his favorite season.

"It's rough. It's really, really rough. Out of all the six seasons that we've done, this was the worst for me. The worst. I'm absolutely dreading it. I'm probably going to go into hiding," he told In Touch Weekly during a Facebook Live last week. "It's bad, I mean — there are times where it's fine but I would say a good 85 percent of it, it's a rough season. Every season that we do this we're always like, 'What is going to happen this season?' And sure enough — that's what's crazy about our show, more stuff goes on when we're not filming than when we do film, you know?"

Jax continued, "We're really organic and have been friends for so long. That's why our show works so well — because this is happening whether the cameras are there or not. They just so happen to throw a camera on, then they get really worried because they're always like, 'Don't talk to each other, don't hang out with each other,' and we're like, 'No, we're friends in real life. We've been friends for 15 years. Just because we're doing a show doesn't mean we're gonna stop.' That becomes a fake show and we don't want that."

Jax also gave an update on his relationship with Brittany Cartwright. If you recall, the reality couple did not end on the best of terms during last week's finale of Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky.

"We've been great! We've been working out together, we go to our boot camps every morning, I've lost 30 pounds, she's lost weight, she's looking great, better than ever! She's happy, she's doing well," Jax gushed. "I think everyone in life sometimes goes through a slump. I was going through a slump too — I was heavy, I was fat, I was sitting around, sleeping in, eating — we both were. I just thought as a couple, it's fun to do things together. It was more of a push to each other, you know? We can motivate each other, that's all it was, and everyone was like, 'Well, you did this and this and this.' I'm like, 'Are you kidding me? Just let me live!'"

Photo Credit: Bravo