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Danielle Staub Reveals The Real Reason Why She Returned To RHONJ!

After five seasons and seven years away, Danielle Staub finally returned to The Real Housewives of New Jersey. However, she reveals that it was a long road back for her return to the Bravo hit reality series and explains what it took for her to agree to return.

"I had been asked back several times by Andy [Cohen], but I just didn’t feel the time was right," she told AOL Entertainment. "We’ll leave the rest of the explanation out of there, because it’s obvious what else might have been going on in my head. Teresa reaching out to me right after she got released [from prison] was a pretty big deal, and I think it was what really pushed the momentum forward for me to join again."

"I remained in talks with Andy over the years on a regular basis -- maybe once or twice a month," Staub continued. "Although I wanted to come back, my fears were in place. But Teresa reaching out to me and Andy bringing me onto Bravo here and there really kept me in the right people’s heads, and I think it nudged Teresa a little bit to do what she was already going to do."

"The 'single mom' card was now in place for her, too, and it made me more relatable [to Giudice] and understandable to what might have been going on in seasons 1 and 2," Staub explained. "When she reached out with an apology, that’s really all it takes for me to begin anew. I’m not saying it erases everything, but I’m saying it’s a beginning and it speaks volumes about the person handing out the apology. That takes a lot of courage."

"It also took Teresa some convincing," she continued about her fellow original cast member. "I mean, we’re the OGs. Only me and Teresa are the people who were there [at the beginning], and we’re letting our relationship be seen, so the viewers can understand our journey. We’re going to let you see it all."

"On the other end -- on the production end -- they had to convince me that things weren’t as they used to be," she added. "That was a whole different animal altogether. I filmed an awful lot this season, but not as much as I film next season or the season after -- I hope! -- but I’ll be honest, every single solitary time you’ll see me this season, it was on the heels of a 3 to 5-hour conversation with the producers and executives to convince me that I would be handled a little differently. Everything is different now."

"That’s how I’m back," she finished. "I can’t express how happy I am, and everyone convincing me of how things would be didn’t lie to me. Everyone’s treated me with dignity and respect, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be back home where I feel like I belong."

Photo Credit: Bravo