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D’Andra Simmons: “I Wasn’t Too Surprised That Brandi Went Below The Belt”

D’Andra Simmons is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. D’Andra Simmons weighs in on Brandi Redmond, Cary Deuber and LeeAnne Locken's confrontation.

D’Andra writes:

"I would like to begin my blog this week by being thankful that we all survived the trip to Mexico. After all the drama and nonsense, believe me, I was glad to be back in Dallas! Now let’s get down to business.

I have been anticipating the airing of this episode for many reasons. One reason is to show more of the internal operations at my company, Hard Night Good Morning, and all that goes into our product line, plus the super exciting development of my NEW product L-22 Elixir to launch in the next few weeks. The second reason is to give you a closer look into the relationship between Momma Dee and me, as that relationship is an extremely important part of who I am.

After months of prep and research preparing for the big pitch to Momma Dee on a new product, the day finally arrived, and I was TERRIFIED! You could tell how nervous both Amelia and I were in the meeting. Momma Dee is a tough cookie and an even tougher sell on anything, especially something new, so we had to have all of our ducks in a row for this pitch. Thankfully, Amelia and I were ready!

I pulled out all the stops to convince her. I know what she likes to hear: tightening, anti-aging, firming, smoothing, etc.  I was beyond surprised by how well it went, especially with my past experience of trying to present any change in the way we conduct business or introduce something new in our product lines. In the end, we were approved to go ahead and move forward with the launch of L-22 Elixir. I am still pinching myself — I can hardly believe it! I’m not holding my breath, though; in fact, I’m placing the order before she changes her mind!

Along the same lines, it was really great getting to watch and see Kameron move forward on developing her pink dog food idea. Although this is a concept I would never think of developing on my own, it appears she has done her research on the lucrative dog food market and the female consumers that make up the largest share of buyers. Sparkle Dog is becoming a reality! I am so very proud of all of her hard work! I keep wanting to call it Pink Dog instead of Sparkle Dog for some reason. I guess whenever I think of Kameron and business, I just keep seeing pink!

While I was focusing on my new product after returning from Mexico, others were still wrapped up in the drama from the trip — imagine that! When LeeAnne told Brandi what Cary had said when the boat docked, I was honestly shocked, especially since the three of them (Stephanie, Brandi, and Cary) were supposed to be such good friends. If I had been in LeeAnne’s position, I would have told Brandi as well, especially because at this point, LeeAnne was still under the impression that Brandi was her good friend (even though Brandi was talking badly about her left and right behind her back). She had no idea. As a good friend, you don’t let conversations like that be swept under the rug. You tell your friend what is going down.

While Armageddon was brewing among the girls, I was getting ready to head out on our annual Christmas vacation, this time to Croatia. While my #RealHotHousehusband and I were packing, we got a phone call from Keatin. This was the first time I had spoken to him since he moved out. It had been weighing on me that before he left Dallas, I had lost my temper (in a big way) and yelled at him. I was kind of anxious about talking to him, but I was so glad to hear from him and relieved to hear he wasn’t still angry at me. I knew this was the right time to apologize for my actions, and I didn’t need to put it off any longer. And he accepted my apology!

What I love about Keatin is that he’s a good kid with a big heart. I’m thankful that he realized my blow-up had come from a place of hurt, disappointment, and love. He knows I just want him to have every opportunity available to him as he sets out on an uncertain future like every young adult faces at some point in their lives. An update: we are truly in a great place as a family! Jeremy and I visited with Keatin a few weeks ago in Charleston when we went there to check on our other home. He is happy and trying to figure out what he wants to do with HIS life on HIS terms and on HIS timeline. As for me, I’m stepping back and allowing Keatin to make his own choices. Hard for this step-mama, but the right thing for Keatin!

Now back to the looming drama. Of course, as I was out of the country on my trip, I sadly could not attend Brandi’s party, which seriously looked HOT, WHITE, AND FABULOUS! However, leave it to this CEO to be resourceful. The ladies weren’t going to escape me that easily! Enter DSimmons-1000, my futuristic robot! You can buy anything on Amazon these days, even a working robot! For me, this appearance at the Brandi Land holiday party was in the middle of the night in Croatia, early in the morning around 4AM! As much as I loved being able to be there virtually, I’m glad it was brief. I was dead tired, and honestly very glad that I did not have to “robot in” for the crazy meeting that occurred downstairs. Although, I do think I could have given LeeAnne a run for her money intercepting her glass pitch. We all know how accomplished I am at athletics! BAA HAA!

Since I “saw” what went down like the viewers and did not “experience” it myself, I felt like Cary was deflecting and denying immediately. Was it necessary for LeeAnne to throw a glass? Of course not! She was frustrated with Cary and angry that Cary said that she would never choose to be friends with her.  There are other ways to get attention that do not include glass throwing, but LeeAnne always seems to go for the choice that elicits the most dramatic flair and voilà, glass smashing certainly fits the bill! However, I’m not certain how she managed to get a glass when everyone else had plastic? Tricky bitch! LeeAnne and I have talked about this behavior several times, and she knows I am not okay with this type of absurdity. It’s a good thing I wasn’t present. There might have been more consequences than a few chards of broken glass for that drama queen to face!

I wasn’t too surprised that Brandi went below the belt and called Cary out on being the nanny because the statement Cary made had stung her to the core. She thought (as did I) that they were extremely close. To hear that her actions in Mexico had deemed her unworthy of friendship, now that was a stab in the back! So now we’re back to the adultery rumors. I understand Brandi lashing out from being hurt, but that was a low blow, and it surprised me that she would say that about her friend. I felt sympathy for Cary in that moment; I know she was humiliated and shocked.

I’d like to think that if I had been there, we would have been able to have a more civil conversation, but perhaps that’s just wishful thinking. However, the DSimmons-1000 was out of order. Darn that Croatia trip and that faulty robot! Both of them provided me an opportunity to escape another turmoil filled event! Peace out MFs (my friends)!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo