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Brandi Redmond: “I’m So Pissed At Cary - That She Called Me Liar”

Brandi Redmond is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Brandi Redmond opens up about her issues with Kameron Westcott and her argument with Cary Deuber.

Brandi writes:

"This morning I woke up to the tragic news that happened last night in Las Vegas. My deepest thought, sympathy and prayers go out to the victims and families.

Thank you for joining us in Mexico. I don’t think I've laughed this hard at myself in a long time. I still think Sexual Chocolate is amazing. I brought him along to be funny and for a good laugh. That’s what I’m all about especially on an all girls trip. I had no idea that Kameron was going to be mortified. I can’t help but think if it had been anyone else she would have thought it was funny.  Kameron Westcott “not being raised like that" means to me that she wasn’t raised to have a sense of humor. It's comical to me that she told Court that she doesn’t want anyone to take her seriously EVER. This is definitely not the Kameron I have ever met. LeeAnne Locken saying it meant “you’re low class and I’m not” is sad but honestly, I really don’t care. I would prefer to laugh all day long then have a stick up my ass and worried about what everyone thinks. 

At dinner, Kameron continues to talk down to me and treat me as if she is better than me. The fact that she brings up a one-time incident of going to a strip club - when I didn’t even know her when I went - is just another dig at me. She is judgmental and disgusting. Cary Deuber has been married three times and never had a bachelorette party so we gave her an impromptu one. How this is now a reflection of bad parenting is beside me. Next time I take my kids in for a lap dance, I'll be sure they tip better bitch. She also throughout talking about bodily functions which was just another way to judge me and attack me. It's very clear that she is purposely treating me like this when Cary actually burps at the table and oh my how funny was that. Ironic much!!! 

I wanted to blow it all off after LeeAnne’s engagement announcement. Very happy for the bride to be and loved that D'Andra Simmons helped shift the mood with her speech. 

However, I do feel in the line of fire once again at our next dinner outing. I don’t care if Cary tells LeeAnne what I shared with her but it definitely caught us all off guard with playing a game to now instead of a private conversation, it's let's just take care of this now. We all know how heated these two ladies get when they interact so here we go… 

First, let me clarify that I NEVER called LeeAnne crying during the process of my mommy makeover decisions. I told her for her surgery - to blow it off because it's not a big deal. I NEVER told her as a way to gang up on Cary. Did I take Cary seriously? No, and neither should LeeAnne and that was my point. Cary denying that it was said, made me doubt her for the first time. I felt that I was trying to help diffuse something and now I'm a liar. I felt disrespected and unappreciated for even trying to be honest and diffuse something so ridiculous. LeeAnne needed to be confronted but how this has now backfired onto me is unbelievable. All I can think is what in the world just happened. I’m so pissed at Cary - that she called me liar and she's not even addressing the reason for this conversation to begin with...The feeling is mutual, I had your back, I told you what this bitch said about you and now you're mad at me for something you said and you're calling me the liar…

Thank you all for tuning in. I need another tequila shot after this dinner…"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo