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Brandi Redmond Feels ‘Ashamed’ For Bringing Up The Nanny Rumors About Cary Deuber!

Brandi Redmond is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Brandi Redmond dishes on all the drama that went down at her Brandi Land party.

Brandi writes:

"First, thank you all for continuing to support #RHOD. This week was not only difficult for myself but more so for someone that I call not only a dear friend but one of my closest friends to date. I have challenged myself and my vulnerability with friendships, and I’m not proud of that at all.

So first let me say watching Cary and Mark have a discussion about Mexico was difficult, because I now can see both sides of the situation.

I felt blindsided with emotions as well seeing how Cary felt, and yet even more emotion after LeeAnne called to tell me what Cary had said in Mexico after leaving the boat. I was upset and hurt that Cary felt this way and about having to hear it from Leeanne.

Getting ready for the party, I really only had one agenda and that was to have a good time. I wanted everyone to enjoy themselves and to include all of the ladies. I shared what LeeAnne told me about Cary to Stephanie, because I felt I needed to. By no means was I feeling jealous of the friendship between Cary and Stephanie. I was feeling overwhelmed that a friend called me a liar multiple times and now thinks I’m a bad person. I felt that Cary never supported me when it came to my issues with Kameron, and now she wouldn’t even be friends with me because of my behavior. This felt like a double-edged sword, and it was twisting deeper. Cary didn’t want to be at my party, and it was obvious after she said she was bored. I now can see how she felt and how she was ganged up on and that was not OK, especially as the host. I felt that the conversation was ridiculous and I was shocked when LeeAnne broke the glass. Sometimes LeeAnne tries to get her point across the wrong way, and this was inappropriate. I would never break something intentionally at someone’s event to cause a scene, and if I had to redirect a trashy party foul, it would be that. However, I’m glad Kameron knows why we served plastic too. LOL!

I wanted Cary to hear me out and know that I had been a good friend to her. I’d been keeping this nanny/nurse secret safe (in my opinion at the time). I did not support the rumors that LeeAnne was putting out there in the past and wanted her to know. Looking back I should have never said anything especially in a group setting. I’m ashamed of myself and you’ll hear from me more on this in the future."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo