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Yolanda Hadid Reveals How David Foster Ended Their Marriage In New Memoir!

Yolanda Hadid is sharing details about her split from David Foster and reveals that she learned her marriage was over through a phone call. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star detailed the heartbreaking conversation that led to the demise of her marriage via her new upcoming memoir, Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisible Disability of Lyme Disease.

Hadid reveals that Foster left her the day after his birthday over a phone call.

“November first is David’s birthday, and he wants to celebrate by seeing a Lakers game at the Staples Center,” she wrote. “It’s a loud, high-energy event with almost nineteen thousand attendees but all that matters to me is that the birthday boy is happy. We have a nice sit-down dinner at the venue and what I thought was a pretty good night.”

She recalled that she went to the market the next day, and stopped to call Foster to see if he’d like anything. But, she had a rude awakening on the other end.

“’Good morning, my love,’ I say,” she wrote. “’I’m going to the store. Do you want anything special for tonight?’”

“’No. I’m going out with my daughters. And we need to talk,’ David replies in a tone so cold that shivers run through my body.”

“’Are you okay?’ I ask. He mumbles an answer, then quickly ends the conversation,” she continued. “My stomach sinks and anxiety sets in. Even though I don’t know what he is referring to, my gut tells me that it’s bad.”

She asked Foster what was wrong, but he refused to answer her.

“’I can’t do this anymore,’ he says briskly. ‘But we’ll discuss it tonight.’”

He ignored Hadid all day until he returned home from dinner with his daughters.

“I try to talk to him but it immediately turns into a fight,” she wrote. “I assume that his birthday made him realize that he has two separate lives: one with his sick wife and another with his daughters….unfortunately this is the same old ‘Foster Movie’ and I am just the new leading lady.”

Their November 11 anniversary was just a few short weeks later, and Hadid decided to reach out one last time despite the breakup.

“Although I’m seeing another side to David, I still love him and don’t want this once very special day to go unnoticed, so I send him flowers in Florida,” she wrote. “Late that night, I receive a bouquet in return with a note that says, ‘11/11 was a very special day. Xo David.’ This is the final rose and it is clear that everything good is gone.”

Hadid then recalled how when he returned to their apartment to get new clothes, they got into another argument over the end of their relationship and he told her that her “sick card is up”.

The mother-of-three moved out of his apartment weeks after she got a letter from his lawyer noting that they were legally separated. The former couple announced their split ahead of the RHOBH Season 6 premiere on Dec. 1.

Transcript courtesy via Radar Online

Photo Credit: Bravo