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Will Dawn Ward And Leanne Brown’s Feud Over Loan Continue On Season 6 Of The Real Housewives Of Cheshire?!

If viewers recall, Dawn Ward and Leanne Brown's feud took a dark turn last season on The Real Housewives of Cheshire. Their drama was centered on a loan from Brown to Ward. While the legal issues are still unresolved, it's been reported that this season the pair are set to move on in this current season.

Leanne says we won’t see any more ‘storyline’ featuring the feud in the sixth series because the matter is now being dealt with away from the cameras.

“Everyone is moving forward, it’s still an ongoing situation, but we’ve got on with it and moved round it,” she told Liverpool Echo. “It’s out of our hands and with the lawyers, it can be uncomfortable seeing Dawn, but it’s been refreshing to have the new housewives and the group dynamic has changed.”

But, Leanne reveals that it's hasn't been easy moving forward with Ward despite their ongoing legal issue.

“I’m in a better place now,” she told Manchester Evening News. “I’m not going to lie and say it’s been easy, and the situation still hasn’t been resolved, but I need to get on with life.”

“I’m now feeling stronger mentally after letting all these emotions out,” she continued. “I do have waves of feeling upset and it’s uncomfortable.”

“In the new series there’s no storyline between me and Dawn with regards to this situation. At the moment it’s all out of our hands and being dealt with.”

As series five drew to a close there was a screaming confrontation between Dawn and Leanne for the first time in which both called the other “disgusting”.

“I kept silent, I said nothing, you’ve told every man and his dog about your situation...I know the person I am, I don’t need to clear my name,” said Dawn Ward.

Leanne replied: “You’ve sat in my house and said the same thing over and over again. All you do is deflect from the real situation, you took that money.”

Dawn said: “Who took the money?”

And Leanne screamed: “YOU!”

Meanwhile, Dawn has since been recovering after undergoing a hysterectomy earlier this year.

“I’m in a different headspace this time. The events of the last series affected me a lot and I had a lot going on, the fact that I was having a big operation,” she told Manchester Evening News. “I feel very strong now mentally and physically I’m stronger.”

She added: “The old Dawn Ward is back.”

The Real Housewives of Cheshire Season 6 premieres on Monday, September 11 at 10:00pm on ITVBe!

Photo Credit: ITVBe