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Vicki Gunvalson Insists She Had “NO Ulterior Motive” In Inviting Tamra Judge’s Ex Bestie Ricky Santana To Her Birthday Party!

Vicki Gunvalson is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Vicki Gunvalson talks about her birthday celebration and insists there was no setup.

Vicki writes:

"Before I start my blog today, I wanted to first reflect on the strength of America as we mourn the lives lost on 9/11/01. We thank those who sacrificed their lives not only here in America, but those that are in our Armed Forces protecting our country overseas. My son in law Ryan was recently retired from the USMC, and this week he is in Malibu with a program called Save a Warrior. Those of you that know anyone that has served, know that when that soldier returns to civilian life, there is a transition that takes place not only in their mind, but in their entire body. I’m thankful for programs like this to assist those in need and encourage you to support them if you are so inclined. I’m proud of you Ryan…YOU GOT THIS!

Now onto this week’s episode. I have to say, it made me really sad to see where David and Shannon are in their marriage. It was only a year ago when they renewed their vows, and I am sad to see where they are now and hope they can turn it around and make it work. I know that when one partner is stressed, it puts a strain on the relationship and a disconnect in the marriage. I encourage Shannon to stop complaining and stressing out to David, as it seems like he just wants peace in the home and happiness.

Shannon, Eddie and my birthdays are only a few days apart so it was interesting seeing all three of us celebrate in different events. Years ago, we would have all been together and due to this ridiculous fighting, we are all apart which makes me sad. I wish we could all move on and just agree to disagree and stop hurting one another. 

When I decided to call Tamra to ask her to go get coffee it was because I’m tired of the fighting and I wanted to make amends. She is blaming me for something that she already knew about and just because I discussed it with Kelly that should not make her angry. I want to tell her my side of the story, but I doubt she will listen. Tamra knew about this “rumor” in 2011 when she was dating him. She has been doing everything she can to alienate me with my friends and we weren’t even speaking when Kelly and I talked about it. I don’t know why she can’t let it go and move on. She has continued to make me uncomfortable at events that I see her at and it needs to stop. Tamra has lied about me to the ladies to get attention off her own problems and I want it to stop.

When I saw Tamra talking to Shannon about her and I meeting and seeing Shannon shaking her head “no don’t do it”, I was in shock. Why the heck does Shannon have any influence on whether Tamra and I meet? Shannon has only known Tamra for a few years and she has “globbed” onto her like a little school girl. What is going on here? Does anyone else wonder why Shannon does not want Tamra and I to reconcile? Is Shannon afraid of Tamra “switching teams”?

Kudos to Lydia for sticking up for Kelly on the walk with Meghan. I was super proud of Lydia to be unemotional but to the point on what’s right is right and I couldn't agree with her more. It’s interesting to me to see Meghan get upset when she is called out on being mean about Kelly’s marriage, but doesn’t like it when anyone discusses her marriage.  Meghan has butted in everyone’s business but doesn’t want anyone butting in hers. I like Meghan, I think she’s nice but she has a lot of “life lessons” to learn and as far as I’m concerned and I would never confide in her with anything because she would never be sacred with the information.

Now onto my 55th birthday party…it was so nice for me to celebrate with my sister Lisa, my brother Billy, my mother-in-law from my first marriage, my sister-in-law, Steve’s mother, Steve’s children, and my children. I had so many friends come from all over to celebrate with me which really made me feel good. I’m proud of my home and what I have been able to do on my own and it was so much fun to show it off. Didn’t the backyard look fabulous?

Dating Steve has been such a smooth transition with our families and that is one of the reasons why I love him so much.  One of the biggest hurdles many couples have when they get older whether it’s dating or marrying is the blending of the families which fortunately has gone smoothly for us. My kids and grandkids really respect and love him a lot which means so much to me. I’m a hopeless romantic and when I said “I have it right this time”, I think I do. Steve and I are not jumping into marriage, as we both have gone through that before and as of now we are extremely content with where we are.

It was fun for me to have Jeana Keough, Lizzie, Gretchen, Slade and Ricky at my party. I met Ricky years ago through Tamra, and as you witnessed in this episode Ricky was Tamra and Eddie's best man. We both saw the love Eddie has for Tamra and the love she has for him when they got married and I have no desire to hurt either one of them. This “rumor” about Eddie has been circling around for years and personally I don’t care either way because it doesn't affect me. As I mentioned last week, I don’t care about his past, I don’t care if he is gay or bisexual or not. I like Eddie, he seems like a great guy and the fact that he and Tamra love each other is all that matters. Question I have is why can’t Tamra handle this topic of conversation like a mature adult?

I invited Ricky because Gretchen said he heard about my party and wanted to come. That was it. There was NO ulterior motive, no set up, no preplanning of anything. The party was for me to celebrate turning 55 and I had no desire to even mention Tamra or Eddie’s name because they weren’t there and they weren’t invited. When Ricky revealed that he saw Eddie “making out with another man” I was shocked. Ricky and Eddie had been friends way before Tamra met him and now they are not. I have no idea why they had a falling out, nor do I want to know the details, but they did. Regarding this mess, a rumor is a rumor, and I don’t know why Ricky would say he saw this if it’s not true. Prior to Ricky revealing this, I had no facts surrounding this rumor, but now that Ricky said he saw them…is that another rumor or a fact?

In closing, I want to extend my prayers to all the victims of the violent storms, hurricanes, flooding and fires that have struck America these past few weeks."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo