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The Real Housewives Of Hungary Season 1 Premieres On Sept. 25 — Watch The Official Trailer, Cast Bios And Photos HERE!

Next week, The Real Housewives of Hungary or as they will be known there as Feleségek Luxuskivitelben will make their official debut on Monday, September 25 at 9:00pm on VIASAT3. The official cast consist of six fabulous ladies, which are: Boglárka Csősz Talu, Babett Köllő, Dalma Márfai, Réka Schobert, Rita Farkas and Vivien Vasvári. Check out the official Season 1 trailer, cast photos and bios below!

Trailer 1

The network VIASAT3 describes the series as:  "Luxurious parties, millions gowns, sports cars, expensive jewelry, botox, plastic surgery: a unique format and vast luxury VIASAT3 occurs in the autumn of this year. The latest self-produced channel's show includes beautiful models, a popular fitness guru, operetta actress and restaurant owners, who are all pretty, successful, and  wealthy. Of course, the sparkle effect also comes at a price: the broadcast dramas huge, quarrels and unexpected twists and turns in store, because in reality nothing is as it seems at first."

Trailer 2

Meet the Housewives:

Boglárka Csősz Talu is 33 years old brunette beauty who started her career as a model and an actress. Nine years ago she met her husband Burak, a Turkish billionaire to whom she married. The happy couple are currently living in Istanbul. Burak owes Turkey's largest construction company, with world-leading aircraft manufacturing company.

Bogi is a lover of designer shoes and diamonds. She would like to star in more Hungary films, as she is primarily an actress. She has appeared in various television series and has also been able to prove herself as a producer. She is no stranger in the business world. She owns and operates two beauty clinics and five star hotels with Hungarian products. Her ideas are usually financially supported by her husband.

Babett Köllő is 38 years old actress and dancer. Her husband András is a former race car driver. In the past Babett did not imagine she would marry someone like Andras, who is 21 years older than her. Her husband, who was a race car driver for 12 years works now is the real estate development.

Babett has a daughter Milla, a dog, Masni, which is a Pomeranian dwarf. Her family lives in a huge house in Buda. Some of her favorite things includes jewelry, beautiful cars and dark chocolate. Babett is a real diva who always likes to appear with a perfect look.

Dalma Márfai is 31 years old and is currently working on expanding her children's clothing line. The clothing line has been successful and she recently opened her own shop. She always been attracted art and drawing.

Dalma is not afraid to say what she thinks. She loves snowboarding, but she enjoys hobbies like reading. Her husband Tamás is the owner of a real estate business. Although at first they did not like each other, however, later, they did end up falling for one another. Dalma's favorite shopping items are shoes and handbags. She likes to travel a lot. She's an animal lover, she owns two dogs, Coco and Mojo.

Réka Schobert is 39 years old, fitness coach, lifestyle adviser and  a wife and mother. She has a happy and balanced life, but her family is her priority. Her husband, Norbi Schobert and their three children are the most important part of her life.

She meet her husband back in 2001 at an event. Their love for sports was what linked them together. She likes to motivate people to exercise and to live a healthy lifestyle. Despite living an active and sporty lifestyle, her favorite items to wear are designer shoes, a matching handbang and some beautiful chic sunglasses.

In 2008 she was elected Personal Trainer of the Year, in 2012 she was awarded the Women's Instructor of the Year, Coach and three years later she was placed in the Forbes' most influential women ranking list.

Rita Farkas is 48 years old businesswoman. She's an owner of a fast food restaurant, however she's been a hustler all her life. She's also been a hairdresser since she was 17 years old. Sports play an important role in Rita's life which includes working out in the gym. In addition to bodybuilding, she is not afraid of getting some plastic surgery when needed.

She is a mother to four beautiful girls who she try to give them everything they want: designer clothes, shoes, handbags, and jewelry. Her youngest daughter, Liza is a popular social media personality, who gets recognized daily due to popularity. Anett and Ivett are attending school, but they also help their mothers in the restaurant business. Patricia is working on a cruise ship as a personal trainer.

Rita has a puppy, Sandor and a Canadian Sphinx along with a hairless cat named Kálmán. The family lives in a luxurious apartment building. Rita and her husband John divorced 8 years ago, however none of them have moved on since their split.

Vivien Vasvári is a 26-year-old businesswoman who owns a home furnishing company. She has a 3-year-old daughter, Ariana. Vivien has also worked as a model and would like to see her daughter follow her footsteps.

She's a lover of designer shoes and handbags. Vivien and her husband, Fecsó live in a luxury home in Buda, where they have several relatives and some friends with their own real estate. Her husband Fecsó would do everything he could to make Vivian happy. Sport has always played an outstanding role in Vivien's life. She loves skiing and waterboarding. The happily married couple often go fishing together on Lake Balaton.

As we previously reported, The 8×60’ series The Real Housewives of Hungary acts as the first remake for Central and Eastern Europe, which will premiere on September 25 at 9:00pm on VIASAT3. Hannah Worrall, VP, format sales & production, NBCUniversal International Formats said: “The Real Housewives brand has become a staple of lifestyle programming worldwide. Securing a significant reach in the US, the format has since grown to resonate with audiences both locally and internationally via its various original local versions.

“Now breaking into Central and Eastern Europe with Sony Pictures Television Networks CE, the brand looks set to continue its reputation of glamour, drama and wit with a dazzling new cast and we can’t wait to see the results.”

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The Real Housewives of Hungary Season 1 premieres on Monday, September 25 at 9:00pm on VIASAT3.

Photo Credit: VIASAT3