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Tamra Judge: “Vicki, My Advice To You Is Stop Lying!”

Tamra Judge is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Tamra Judge reacts to Vicki Gunvalson's party guests questioning her husband's sexuality and doesn't hold back!

Tamra writes:

"From the beginning, we see Vicki’s halfhearted attempt to look like a friend. In one scene she feels bad we are no longer friends and in the same episode, she reverts to her back stabbing insecure ways. Orchestrating an obscene discussion (bad acting by the way) with people I believe she truly does not respect or are really people she considers friends to celebrate her birthday. Yes, the same people who have no problem perpetuating her lie about Eddie. Who spends that much time and effort to carry on a lie? Is this another attempt to deflect her addiction to lying? Well, I guess if you do it for a living on a daily basis it’s just another day at the office.  

It gets better when Kelly attempts to convince Vicki that she should call me to tell me to "stop this mean girl”...are these two for real? The phone call that I answered was from a blocked caller. As you can see, I was shocked when it was Vicki calling me to meet her for coffee. It was a very awkward situation so all I could do is listen. I agreed to meet her against my better judgment. I figured this was MY opportunity to tell her to...GROW UP!

I think Vicki is addicted to putting others down to make herself feel good. I also think she chooses bad men over her friends and children. Lie after lie after's clear she will not stop until she is satisfied she hurt me, Shannon or anyone in her path. 

Watching Shannon and David talk about their relationship challenges breaks my heart. They have gone through so much. When Shannon tells David she was very stressed because she didn't know how Vicki's allegations (lies) would affect her children hit home with me. I totally get it! I’m in the same boat. When someone fabricates a story about your family and spreads it to other mutual friends, it hurts and it puts a lot of stress on the family.

Happy birthday to my loving and wonderful husband! For Eddie's birthday, we went to Barton G Restaurant. What a perfect place to spend this special day with close friends and family. And from what you can see, it was quite an experience. I highly recommend trying the below zero nitro drinks! While enjoying this birthday dinner, I discussed my dilemma with Meghan’s mom who advised against me meeting Vicki due to the amount of damage Vicki had done. She said she was happy we were “sticking to our guns”. She recommended to hold onto our moral values and stay away from people like Vicki...coming from a mature, classy and sophisticated lady, I seriously considered cancelling my meeting with Vicki. Naturally, I felt that if everyone keeps telling me to walk away (stay away), why would I really want to waste my precious time on a bad person? 

The disturbing part of this episode is that they really think they are affecting my life by creating a conversation (a bad one at that) that questions my husband’s sexuality. They really think that accusing a straight man of being gay in this day and age is still a way to hurt one’s character? The obvious fact is that he is not gay and to continue to use this bully tactic to hurt me, my loving relationship or my family shows what kind of horrible person Vicki and her party guests are, especially coming from a gay man himself. Who knows for sure 100% that Eddie is not gay but would rather get his 15 minutes on TV to say otherwise.

It is clear her birthday party was about making her look like she has nothing to do with this rumor she's behind. To see a table of adults flat out lying about Eddie to try and hurt me and try to humiliate Eddie is beyond comprehensible.

Keep watching as Vicki continues to burry herself in her lies. Everyone involved should be ashamed of the horrible actions.

Vicki, my advice to you is stop lying! It’s easy to tell the truth and you never have to create more truths to make your point. In fact, it’s a lot of work to create and continue maintaining a lie to cover your tracks so you don’t get caught. The truth always prevails!

My prayers are with everyone affected by the recent hurricanes. If you haven't donated I hope you will consider. There are many charities set up for the victims. Eddie and I donated to the Red Cross you can find the link on my Instagram."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo