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Sonja Morgan Breaks Down What Really Happened The Night Before Josh Flagg’s Wedding!

Sonja Morgan attend Million Dollar Listing star Josh Flagg‘s wedding to Bobby Boyd — and as she says, in classic “Sonja and Josh” fashion, the two might have had a little too much fun the night before the big day. The Real Housewives of New York City star explains exactly went down during a pre-wedding dinner on Sep. 8 — and how Flagg almost sustained a rather serious injury to the face.

“Josh and I are really good friends for more than 10 years — we’re not just like, Bravo TV friends, we’re really good friends,” she told PEOPLE. “I flew out there for the family and friends dinner Friday night before the wedding on Saturday. It was at his family’s home and it was like a wedding in and of itself. Oh my God, it was like seven courses, champagne, white wine, red wine, after dinner liqueur. We weren’t exactly sober!”

After the dinner, the group headed back to the Beverly Hills Hotel, where a lot of the guests were staying, to enjoy some late-night snacks. At one point, Morgan tried to show Flagg her necklace, at which point things very nearly took a dangerous turn.

“He leaned over to see the necklace I was wearing, and that’s when he tripped on the stonework, which is easy enough to do,” she said. “I was seated at the table with everyone. He was standing up with his groom-to-be, Bobby.”

“If you know anything about Josh and I, we’re kooky, crazy, fun — we’re always like, ‘Let’s go out, let’s stay out!’ ” she explained with a laugh. “And Bobby is such great stability for him — that was part of their vows. So Josh went to look at my necklace, lost his footing a little bit and came barreling towards me.”

“Everyone goes, ‘Did he just hit his face on the chair?! He has a wedding tomorrow! Sonja, Josh!‘ ” she recalled. “Because those are ironwork chairs. So immediately Bobby was like, ‘Okay, we’re going home. We’re going to bed. This is not the bachelor party!’ “

But luckily, Flagg was just fine. “I just laughed my ass off,” Morgan told the publication. “I stayed with the rest of the crew, we finished up our truffle fries and then we went to bed.”

“I think there was concern that there would be a mark on his face, you know,” she added. “He’s so gorgeous and it’s such a big occasion. He and Bobby are just such beauties.”

“But I guess that’s how the rumors started,” she acknowledged with a laugh. “You know, Friday night, Sonja comes to town, and look what happens with Josh! That’s not unusual, Sonja and Josh getting in trouble.”

As for the wedding itself? According to Morgan, the traditional Jewish wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel was “so gorgeous.” “Fun was had by all,” she gushed. “I enjoyed getting to know Bobby’s side of the family. I also got to spend time with Josh’s parents — I wanted to thank them for such a generous, touching, warm celebration that they gave him.”

“I wish all parents were so understanding of same-sex marriages and could be so gracious,” she said. “The speeches were touching. It’s just nice to see traditional families like Josh’s embracing their son. It was so lovely.”

Morgan also revealed why she thinks Flagg and Boyd are such a perfect match. “Bobby doesn’t come from a flashy Beverly Hills family — he’s very humble and he’s bringing Josh what he needs, stability,” she said. “Josh is fun and enlightening — we’re the unicorns, we just light up a room and act silly and make people forget their problems. But at the same time, Bobby can be there for him, to keep them stable and on track and doing what he does best. I’m so happy for them.”

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