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Shannon Beador Gives An Update On Her Weight Loss Progress!

Shannon Beador is getting closer to her weight loss goal. The Real Housewives of Orange County star said that she has lost 20 pounds so far. She also revealed that she's hoping to lose at least 20 more pounds in the coming months, just in time for this season's reunion.

“I'm not gonna go back down to where I was, like, in season nine, when I started [the show], because as you age, you know, you look gaunt,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I want to look healthy.”

The mother-of-three opened up about her weight loss earlier this season, sharing that she had gained about 40 pounds and had 40 percent body fat. “I wasn't excited about [documenting my weight loss journey], and I sure wasn't excited to start filming,” Shannon said.

“It's, like, ‘Oh, crap!’ Now I gotta be in front of a camera, which doesn't make you look skinnier! But I knew I was going to start working on the weight loss, so at least now when I watch it, I know I'm down a little. I'm down about half, down about half of the weight.”

Shannon says she currently works out 30 minutes a day, every day, with Dr. Tim, doing a series of exercises “maximize” her half hour. She is not joining her husband of 17 years, David, in the gym, though. He’s taken to CrossFit-style workouts as he regularly trains for Spartan races.

“Tamra [Judge] says that he exercises more hours than she did for her fitness competition, so it's a lot,” Shannon admits. “David's workouts are, like, carrying a bucket of rocks up the driveway. Midlife. That's what I say, midlife!”

David’s extra gym sessions did start to cut into time together for the couple, a topic Shannon brought up on the latest episode, filmed exactly one year after the pair renewed their wedding vows. In that year, Shannon says David became distant again, much like he did around the time he had an affair a few years back.

“It was just a realization,” Shannon recalls. “Oh, wow. It's been a year … it is hard to watch. But, you know, relationships go up and down. We were at the highest of the high last season. So, you're gonna maybe see a dip.”

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo