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Shannon Beador Explains Why She Won’t Reconcile With Vicki Gunvalson!

Shannon Beador has no plans on making up with co-star Vicki Gunvalson anytime soon. “I'm sorry, I don't want to be friends with Vicki,” the Real Housewives of Orange County star told Entertainment Tonight. “I've been authentic, and I want to maintain my authenticity.”

Beador says fans won’t see a reconciliation between her and Vicki at any point on season 12 of the show. Shannon claims Vicki has never reached out to her about meeting up “and that’s OK!”- unlike she did with Tamra Judge. Tamra accepted Vicki’s offer to meet for coffee and attempt to hash out their many issues.

“Tamra is a much nicer person than I,” Shannon jokes. “She's more of a people pleaser than I, 'cause I'll just say, no! You're gonna see maybe some efforts being made. But one thing that Vicki, I think, has been successful in [is], she kind of has a way of threatening, to scare you, and I am not afraid. I'm a lot of things, but I'm not afraid.”

A few weeks back, Vicki did say in a confessional that she wanted to “punish” Tamra and Shannon for not being her friend. Fans will get to see if Vicki makes good on that promise when the cast heads to Ireland for a trip later this season. It was the first time Shannon and Tamra had to spend time with Vicki in such close quarters.

“Tamra and I, of course, had a conversation about it,” Shannon shares. “We didn't want to have a lot of tension [on the trip]. So, as we entered into a different country, we entered a different mindset of, we're not going to make this trip stressful and make everyone tense. So, we were more open to having a conversation or, you know, doing things together. We did everything together.”

However, Shannon says season 12 newbies Peggy Sulahian and Lydia McLaughlin start most of the fires in Ireland.

“Certain people, you meet and you mesh,” Shannon shares. “I don’t really mesh with [Peggy] … and Lydia is completely judgmental. Just stop with the interview comments about me! They're just, I mean, every week, what are we gonna hear now?”

“She's really a pot-stirrer,” Shannon says, adding that she considers Lydia to be the season’s No. 1 pot-stirrer. “I heard about this sweet, little girl, Lydia, and not so much to Shannon Beador!”

Photo Credit: Bravo