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RHOD Recap: By Invitation Only [Episode 4]

I am loving Dallas this season! These ladies are delivering on every single level. Those OC ladies need to take some notes.

We opened up with Stephanie and Travis talking about renovating their ridiculous pool house. Travis annoyed me when he bought the million dollar house without telling his wife, but it annoyed me even more when he added all those stupid sexist comments. When he said that it's his money, my blood literally boiled. Stephanie is at home looking after his kids and doing his stupid chore lists so she is 100% entitled to an equal decision. Travis, sit down.

We also saw Brandi have a serious case of baby fever. I love her so much and I said this last week, but I think it is so so brave to share her miscarriage story.

My favourite scene of this entire season was the one between D'Andra and LeeAnne. This scene has proved that D'Andra is the perfect real housewife. Smart, rich, funny, pretty and knows how to read a bitch when she needs to be read. D'Andra called LeeAnne out for her costume at Stephanie's party and made her accountable for every last bit of her behaviour. She gave her solid advice but I think it was going in one ear and out the other because LeeAnne said she is still going to be herself. I am so onboard to watch LeeAnne get messy.

We got a look at LeeAnne AIDS speech this year and by the way, she has really stepped up her glam from last year. Money well spent Locken! I loved the speech and it was really moving but I loved the shade she threw after even more. LeeAnne brought her messy friend Heidi Dillion along and she was spilling all the tea on her new neighbours Stephanie and Travis. LeeAnne said that Steph moved into Dallas to be apart of Dallas society which I believe. She also said that the house is a money pit, which it is - we got to see that with our own eyes when Steph and Travis talked about all the renovations. I didn't think it was trash talk I just thought it was some good old fashioned gossip! I also think that Heidi is reaching for her own star!

Aw, I feel so bad for D'Andra. I mean her mom told her over 10 YEARS AGO that she could take over the company, but she still doesn't own it. D'Andra is smart and she should be running this company by now. Everytime I see Momma Dee on my screen I am elated. I don't know if it's her southern accent, her no bullshit attitude or her over the top eyeshadow but I cannot get enough of her! I just feel so bad for D'Andra and I really want to see her take over the company at some point this season and stand up to her mom. On an unrelated note: I love her husband Jeremy. Ugh! I want D'Andra's life!

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Photo Credit: Bravo