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RHOC Recap: Drag Bingo Bombshell [Episode 9]

After the slowest start ever, the OC is finally beginning to thaw and the drama is finally kicking off! To be honest, this could of been episode 4 because all the episodes in-between have been so redundant.

We started off with Meghan and Kelly in another baby store. If I see one more baby store I'm going to slit my wrist. How are there this many baby stores in Orange County? How?! Meghan showed us a photo of Kelly and Shannon kissing on the St. Patrick's Day and it made my so happy, the OC needs some late in the life lesbians and I know Heather McDonald would approve! Kelly told Meghan that she met up with Shannon and she thought that she saw her recording their conversation and that she was going to bring it up with her. I love Kelly's conspiracy theories, I mean 70s party, naked wasted 2.0 and now this?

The VERY next second, Meghan turns around and decides to tell Shannon. This is grade A messiness. Meghan, give that orange back! Kelly and her cute, little mom called Meghan to confront her and Meghan just straight away said - I'm sorry. Really? You can be messy and then a 'sorry' will fix it? Step back 30-year-old.

Peggy was also in this episode - I think? She went on and on about her daughter going to college? Eh, her husband wants to be on the show more than she does, someone give Diko her orange.

Meghan's lunch with Vicki was pure comedy! Vicki said she was a victim and Meghan said "you said Shannon's husband beats her." HA! If you are running around slamming everyone's husbands how are you the victim? We also got a casserole flashback. I live for a casserole flashback. Vicki said that she has proof that David hit Shannon. I think we can all agree that Vicki's proof is probably a shady story from a blog somewhere. Vicki realised that Meghan was going to run back and tell the others about their conversation and crazy. I think we all ask ourselves the question, is Vicki Gunvalson for real? In my mind I thought that Meghan agreed not to repeat their conversation but AGAIN Meghan ran back and told Shannon and Tamra. Messy King Edmonds is really testing my patience. Vicki may be delusional and Meghan is just painful to watch.

The main of event of the episode was Drag King Bingo! Tamra and Shannon dressed up and looked like legit lesbian bikers. I was so so down! They dressed Kelly, Lydia and Meghan up as well but I think we can all agree that Lydia did not look good as man. I mean why was she in a suit when they all looked like white trash? Lydia talking about how she's a christian and she has to be "open minded" annoyed the hell out of me. Open minded to what? Being around gay people? I caught Bravo's subtle editing shade.

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Photo Credit: Bravo