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Peggy Sulahian Thinks Shannon Beador “Should Be Supportive” Of Tamra Judge’s ‘Situation’ With Vicki Gunvalson “Rather Than Hold Her Back!”

Peggy Sulahian is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Peggy Sulahian is happy Vicki Gunvalson reached out to Tamra Judge and weighs in on Meghan King Edmonds and Kelly Dodd's feud.

Peggy writes:

"I finally got the chance to introduce my daughters to Kelly. Meeting up at Atelier 7918 in Crystal Cove was tons of fun. We got to shop at the incredible boutique, while chatting about Kelly’s vaginal rejuvenation...yikes. Other than that, we laughed a lot and enjoyed each other’s company.

My heart was so happy seeing Vicki give Tamra a call to meet up! There’s hope for their friendship! Even though Tamra had high hopes for their reunion, I felt Shannon was discouraging Tamra to grab coffee. I think Shannon should be supportive of the situation and guide Tamra to a better path with Vicki, rather than hold her back. Speaking of the two, Vicki’s birthday celebration was a blast. Her and Steve are great hosts, and the two make a beautiful pair. They are both such fun people, and it makes me happy seeing Vicki so happy. 

I love spending quality time with my hubby even if its just mailing envelopes at the post office. Having silly conversations with Diko is 100% real. I had no idea where I was going with the lipstick conversation? Or how the bear pooping in the woods tied in...this is our life, with or without cameras.

The allegations started with Meghan, but she doesn’t see it that way considering Kelly also made accusations during Meghan’s pregnancy. It might just be too hard for her to balance an infant, and still maintain a social life. Although I understand where she’s coming from, I have to take Kelly’s side in this situation."

What do you think about Peggy’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo