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Peggy Sulahian Sets Record Straight On Her Breast Cancer Scare!

Peggy Sulahian is setting the record straight on her health. The Real Housewives of Orange County newbie recently opened up about her preventative double mastectomy and breast reconstructive surgery. Peggy confirmed that she was given a cancer diagnosis after a lump was found in her breast.

Unfortunately, Peggy's father became ill and passed away around the same time, so she said she decided to keep the news of her cancer diagnosis and the details of her double mastectomy private. The mom of three went on to clarify why her explanation of her health scare may have been confusing to some of her RHOC pals, saying that she "wasn't speaking clear" when she first opened up to Shannon Beador during a lunch together earlier in the season. 

“I was in denial, and I don’t want to sit there crying, because it hasn’t hit me yet, because I was still dealing with my dad’s death. So it’s been a mess. I was on medication. I was in pain; my face color is different, my tone is different,” Peggy told The Orange County Register. “You can hear me stutter, because my breasts were hurting so bad… they were expanding it and that pressure, it feels like metal in there, and I was just not a happy person.”

Peggy further discussed her health in her latest Bravo blog, explaining that though her BRACA tests did come back negative, she decided to go through with the double mastectomy to prevent a cancerous growth from spreading. "I was in denial the entire time from the beginning and was very difficult for me to accept it. Having the women interrogate me tremendously hurt me because those times were when I had to accept it and realize what I had gone through," Peggy wrote. "It completely broke my heart, I have never been asked if I had CANCER and the abrupt question made me feel uncomfortable, especially when it became the main topic of conversation. I thank Tamra Judge though for being kind and thoughtful. So YES, once again I had CANCER!!" 

The RHOC mom went on to share that cancer has cast a shadow on her life since her mother passed away from breast cancer when she was 51 years old. "Breast cancer has haunted me most of my adult life. I hate the word and the disease. Personally, I have pushed it out of my mind and accepting the fact that I had cancer is surreal. My biggest fears had come to life. Not only had it taken my mother from me, but it loomed in the back of my mind," Peggy wrote in her Bravo blog. "If I am confusing to all the ladies, it is because I don’t want to speak of my cancer, but I’ve realized it connects to viewers and their stories."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo