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Lydia McLaughlin’s Brother Jesse Stirling Comes To Her Defense On Twitter Amid Shannon Beador Feud On RHOC!

Lydia McLaughlin's older brother Jesse Stirling has taken to Twitter to come to his sister's defense following Monday night's Real Housewives of Orange County's drama-filled episode. Jesse defended Lydia's actions as things got heated with Shannon Beador in last week's episode, pointing to their first explosive meeting.

Anyone accusing Lydia of being a "mean girl" is just plain wrong, according to Jesse. "Lydia is one of the sweetest people I know," he tweeted. "She is religious, that's true. But this 'mean girl' accusation is ridiculous."

And don't you dare come for Lydia's rainbow...

... or her Nobleman Magazine.

Jesse wasn't afraid to slay Internet trolls, be it by pointing out their grammatical errors or using sarcasm.

Of course, Lydia was so happy to see that her brother has her back. "I love how my brother @stirling_jesse is so up on #rhoc twitter comments and the first to defend me!" she tweeted. "Love you big bro."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo