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Kim Fields Reflects On Her Time On The Real Housewives Of Atlanta!

Kim Fields looks back and reflects at her time when she was a Real Housewives of Atlanta star back during Season 8 when she appeared on Sunday night's episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Kim revealed that RHOA did genuinely have a profound effect on her life. She revealed that her biggest takeaway from the show was that she "needed a happy place and time for myself." "I totally learned that from that experience," she said, adding that she has definitely changed after coming to that realization.

But when Andy asked Kim to name one thing that she misses about the RHOA ladies, it was not so easy for her to come up with an answer. In fact, her shady look said it all.

Meanwhile, Queen Latifah dropped a bit of a bombshell for fans when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen back in July. The actress said that fans saw "a whole different Kim Fields" when she appeared on RHOA in Season 8 and her Living Single co-star even seemed to be "restraining herself" among her ATL pals.

Andy Cohen gave Kim the chance to respond to Queen Latifah's comments. "First of all there's that sense of what are we talking about, you know. And A lot of times the stuff that Dana (Latifah) and I, you know when your making a TV show it like that and you're dealing with careers and everything, it's kind of different than somebody ripping you apart of where he said, she said. Your trying to be real, like com on, whatever," she said.

Then, one viewer wanted to know if she'd be down for any cameos in the future. "Well, you know, never say never is kind of one of my mottos," she said. "So never say never, but right now the schedule is just, I was just telling Andy, has been so really, really busy just in terms of work."

Fields, then reacts to tall the current drama that went down last season of the Bravo hit reality show. When asked if she was surprised about the Phaedra Parks spreading rumors about Kandi Burruss, she said "No, because that's what happens."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo