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Kelly Dodd: “Meghan Once Again Tries To Play The Victim”

Kelly Dodd is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Kelly Dodd opens up about her fight with Meghan King Edmonds.

Kelly writes:

"As I mentioned in a previous blog, on Saint Patrick’s Day at the Harp, Shannon and I were able to move beyond reconciliation to real friendship. We were getting along so well that later that day I was celebrating with other friends at our local Irish pub, Muldoons, when Shannon texted me to see what I was doing, so I invited her to join me. Talk about progress. Shannon is one of the funniest people I know and sure enough we had a great time together at Muldoons. At one point, I don’t remember what we were talking about, but I noticed Shannon’s phone was running the microphone app, i.e., she was recording our conversation! I was too shocked to confront her at the time, but I know with certainty, what I saw on her phone. Given our history, at Shannon’s '70s party and after her attempt to get me drunk Ireland, I assumed the worst. What reason could she possibly have to record our conversation? Given our nascent friendship, I don’t fully trust Shannon. I left Muldoons a little confused, but after thinking about being recorded, I woke up the next day more suspicious than ever. I decided to discuss it with Meghan while we were shopping at the baby store and later with my mom at home. Maybe they could help me figure out what Shannon’s intentions were?

Is Meghan a shit disturber? A thirsty rumor-monger? As Diko says, does a bear shit in the woods?  

Let's review the tape. First Meghan goes behind my back by calling Shannon and telling her what I said about Shannon recording me. Then, she has lunch with Vicki, during which she is hell bent on reopening old wounds by discussing Vicki’s accusation that David allegedly abused Shannon. Even though Vicki clearly explained that continuing to discuss the matter would be hurtful to Shannon, Meghan immediately called Shannon to rat Vicki out. Meghan was thirsty to keep the feud going. Finally, for some for some strange reason, during what was otherwise a great time at Hamburger Mary’s, Meghan decides to resurrect the “affair text battle” that happened between us six months ago. Pot stirred. Shit disturbed.

Why is Meghan so thirsty? Perhaps it's because she is bored with her life in St. Louis and misses some OC drama? Maybe she is trying to find something to talk about other than baby Aspen. Regardless, she seems intent on keeping old disputes alive or resurrecting rumors that were previously dealt with, squashed and I thought, buried.   

Meghan first raised the issue of our “affair text battle” during an interview on episode four, “We Have a New Puppetmaster”. This is what I said in my blog at the time:

“Addressing comments made by Meghan, I was shocked to see her play the victim (as a seven month pregnant woman) when she provoked me originally last summer with a rude, nasty text claiming she heard I had a boyfriend. Which is total bulls***! Meghan and I had not communicated for weeks before I received her text. No, “Hi, how are you?” No pleasantries. Her text came at me from out-of-the-blue, was completely out-of-bounds, a vicious rumor from some random Twitter troll. Sorry, Meghan, but if you want to start or promote bulls*** rumors, you have no pregnancy defense or exemption to hide behind. Don’t deflect your nastiness on me. What surprised me more was that after this flared up between us, we both agreed to squash the matter last summer."

Back to this week’s episode, drag queen bingo at Hamburger Mary’s was an absolute blast for the first 90 percent of our time there. The last 10 percent, not so much. Having all of us dressed up as men and watching Shannon get spanked was hilarious. Tamra was Joe Dirt and Shannon was Bret Michaels. I highly recommend Hamburger Mary’s to anybody looking for a great night out in LA. Michael and I will definitely be going back, but I am pretty sure Lydia and Doug won’t be joining us. 

Despite having a great time with the ladies, I was still a little peeved at Meghan for betraying me to Shannon. I very clearly told Meghan I wanted to raise the issue to Shannon myself, one-on-one. So, it didn’t take much for the resentment I felt for Meghan to flare up.

Although our initial discussion was contentious, we could have finished the argument at the point we discussed her telling Shannon about how I believed she recorded me. Shannon and I talked about it on the van ride to Hamburger Mary’s and we were not going to take it any further.  

However, Meghan couldn’t let resting dogs lie. She had to rekindle the argument about her spreading unfounded rumors. With Tamra, Lydia, Shannon and Tamra’s pseudo-psychic present, Meghan once again tries to play the victim.   Her spin on the story is that, out of the blue, I attacked her by claiming her husband, Jimmy, was having a “10 year affair on her" (interesting, since she’s only been married a little more than two years – but let's not let facts stand in the way of rumors). Why is she bringing this up again? I am sure Jimmy appreciates her dragging up his past as much as he appreciates her calling him a complete ***hole. Way to go Meghan! If you are going to talk about our text battle, then at least tell the whole story. Instead, Meghan tries to paint me in the worst light possible and portrays herself as the victim. It’s a damn good thing that I kept those texts messages to show the women the truth. Rather than acknowledge Meghan’s deceit, Shannon calls “tit for tat”, which is a false equivalency.

After Meghan gets upset, Tamra tries to console Meghan in the bathroom, saying {I} said that I came after her too. Of course she was referring to what happened in Ireland when I said, “no wonder her daughter doesn’t talk to her”. Was I right? For the record, I did not call Meghan a bad mother. I said she should focus on her baby instead of spreading rumors. When Jolie was a baby she was always with me, 24/7. Of course, we could have chosen to have a full time nanny, but I loved every moment with my baby. You could not pry her away from me if you tried.  

Despite being uncomfortable with the entire Hamburger Mary experience, Lydia at least has the common sense to understand why I am upset. Lydia doesn’t know whether there is any truth to either of our claims, but she knows it was wrong for Meghan to raise the topic again to perpetuate the rumor."

What do you think about Kelly’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo