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Kameron Westcott Reacts To Brandi Redmond’s Imitation Of Her: “She Didn’t Even Mention Pink, Dogs Or Birkins When She Was Doing It”

Kameron Westcott is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Kameron Westcott talks about her clash with Brandi Redmond. Tell us your thoughts about charity compared to Brandi Redmond’s distaste? Was she throwing shade at you talking about Louis’ Cavalli?

Kameron Westcott: I think Brandi is naive to charity in Dallas. Dallas is one of the most charitable cities in the world. If I had to pick one word to describe the culture in Dallas it would be charity. Outside of work, our families and our faiths, charity is the glue that holds Dallas together. Of course, it would be ideal for all the money to go to charity and most of it does. By having luncheons and events creates community and when you have community, you have buy in and that in the long run makes the world a better place. Charity events give people a sense that they are apart of something and keeps charitable causes always as the forefront zeitgeist of our city. I just think she is upset that Louis's outfits are more fabulous than hers. Do you think Stephanie Hollman is trying to climb into Dallas society?

KW: I don't know, but for right or wrong if you don't live in certain zip codes in Dallas you are out of sight and therefore out of mind, so that may be why she wants to move. The suburbs are fantastic in Dallas and are only getting cooler, but they have their own society independent from core Dallas society. What do you think of Brandi’s imitation of you and her discussion of you at the drinks with Stephanie?

KW: I mean she didn't even mention pink, dogs or Birkins when she was doing it, so she has some work to do. All I will say is when Peter tells you about Paul, you often learn more about Peter than you do about Paul. #selflove What were you thinking when Brandi invited the other girls in front of you?

KW: If I were to say to someone, hey sorry I am about to slap you in the face and then slapped you in the face, it wouldn't be okay. Yes, Brandi said sorry before she gave her gifts, but that does not make it okay. It's always good to make people feel inclusive and inviting people on trips or giving random gifts should never be done in front of others. What do you think of Brandi’s reaction in interview saying it was inappropriate to give her a lesson and outside saying that she was "proud of you"?

KW: Whats' more inappropriate in front of children giving bottles of whiskey as gifts or educating someone on basic manners? #glasshouse. Regarding her being proud of me, I think really shows how little Brandi knows me. If you don't ask questions to someone, you usually end up judging that book by its cover and that is exactly what is happening here. Yes, Brandi, I am on the surface outrageously fabulous, over the top girly and completely ridiculous, but life is hard and it's all to make life a little more fun and less serious and there is so much more to me if she would only have an open heart to try to get to know. Are you happy you said something?

KW: Yes, if I am not getting a gift in a pink sparkly bag, nobody is!

What do you think about Kameron’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo