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D’Andra Simmons Says She Doesn’t Condone What LeeAnne Locken Said About Cary Deuber “AT ALL”; Reveals Why She Doesn’t Take LeeAnne’s “Threats” Seriously!

D’Andra Simmons is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. D’Andra Simmons reacts to LeeAnne Locken's "just hands" off mic comment about Cary Deuber.

D’Andra writes:

"Everyone was under the knife this week, so to speak! Mark was performing surgery,LeeAnne Locken was getting surgery andBrandi Redmond was stabbing LeeAnne in the back by repeating what was said in the doctor’s office before LeeAnne’s surgery.

I’m not trying to give LeeAnne a free pass here, I truly think what she said to Brandi at the doctor’s office was wrong, but I think after LeeAnne and Brandi bonded over the summer, if I were Brandi, I would have gone back to LeeAnne when she wasn’t in the pre-op and asked her what she meant by the comment, “I grew up with lots of things in my hands and they’re not knives, they’re just hands,” before telling it to everyone in our group of friends, minus me.

What I don’t understand is that for some reason, Cary Deuber forgot that Brandi was the one who mentioned in front of all of us that Jarrod said Mark was gay at the Tea Party last week. I mean, really, I think I would have been pretty pissed if my “friend” had brought that up in front of everyone. That is pretty humiliating, and Brandi knows how much it hurt Cary last year for LeeAnne to be saying these things about Mark. Brandi saying that was just plain mean…period!

Back to the topic of LeeAnne’s questionable, one-sided conversation with Brandi pre-surgery. I don’t condone what LeeAnne said AT ALL. Do I actually take any of her "threats" seriously? That’s a BIG NO. Like I said to Cary at the shooting range, LeeAnne "pops off" and runs her mouth. Cary knows this, I know this, and the world at this point knows this, which is why I find Cary’s "fear" of LeeAnne laughable.

Now when it comes to the allegations against Mark, I will be brief and to the point. Have I heard rumors such as this before? Yes. Do I take any of these rumors seriously? No. I take ALL Dallas gossip with a huge grain of salt. Unless I see it myself, I cannot accept it as truth. If Cary isn’t worried, I’m not worried. And, it is none of my business…period!

Now to the more fun side of Cary this episode! I had really wanted to take Cary to the shooting range because, like me, I saw a strong and powerful woman in her, and wanted to give her a place to let that out, especially since Mark was giving her such a hard time and criticizing her decision to stay at home with Zuri! Was I surprised she was good? Not really. Like she said, she is super focused all the time, whether she is practicing yoga or attending in surgery. Target practice takes precision and a detail-oriented eye. That sounds like a surgeon’s nurse to me! I had an amazing time with Cary showing Jeremy and Mark how it’s done! Unfortunately, while we were having a blast, no pun intended, Cary got the phone call from Brandi about LeeAnne’s remarks to her before her surgery. That put a damper on things, but may have improved Cary’s shooting skills! I’ll leave it at that.

The trip to Mexico was like a looming cloud after the call at the shooting range, and it finally had arrived. Before we landed, things were already getting heated. Everyone expected me to pitch a fit about the room selection. I could already see that this was not going to be a vacation, but more like a long therapy session, so squabbling over what room I was going to sleep in just wasn’t important to me.

We had barely put our bags down in our room, and here goes another conversation with LeeAnne about her way of "handling" things with the other ladies. YAY! Believe me, I love her to death, but sometimes, like me, she can be SO hard headed! At this point, there isn’t a shred of hope to revive the already non-existent relationship between her and Cary. As I said before, they are NOT going to get along. They are both very different people and both VERY opinionated women who never see when they’re at fault. Right now, I am just hoping that my talk will sink in with LeeAnne so that she can have a cordial relationship with Cary, and I can have some sleep on this vacation/therapy session. I don’t even care if they are friends; I just want to be able to be around them both without a scene.

While I was having another heart to heart with LeeAnne, of course, the others had reverted back to their old "pre-honest tea" ways of talking behind one another’s backs. I appreciate Kameron Westcott’s confessional comment about feeling bad that Brandi, who is supposedly LeeAnne’s friend, was talking smack about her. This, too, makes me sad for LeeAnne, because she did believe that Brandi was a close friend, yet here we are with SMACK-TALK-GATE 2.0, poolside edition.

When it comes down to it, before we even left DFW airport and flew hundreds of miles to Mexico, Cary should have confronted LeeAnne, in a public location if she was SO SCARED, and worked this nonsense out. But yet again, none of these ladies can confront their issues with one another head-on. Instead, they let it build up and we arrive where we are today on vacation…or shall I say, in vacation hell! Grab the Tequila! Cheers!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo