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D’Andra Simmons Admits It Was Hard To Watch LeeAnne Locken On Season 1 Of RHOD!

Ev if D'Andra Simmons was not part of the first season of The Real Housewives of Dallas, that doesn't mean that she wasn't there to give her bestie LeeAnne Locken some tough love due to her over the top dramatic antics on the Bravo hit reality show.

"I would call her, and I'd be like, 'Put down the Champagne or whatever you're drinking and stop, because this is not a good look for you, or this is not a good decision,'" D'Andra told The Daily Dish podcast. "We have the same conversation after almost each episode. 'Why did you do that?'...It was hard for me to watch her do some of the things that she did."

You can hear the entire interview below.

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo