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Bethenny Frankel Travels To Mexico To Aid Earthquake Survivors!

Bethenny Frankel is sharing her firsthand account of the devastation in Mexico following last week’s 7.1 magnitude earthquake – and pleading for more help for the survivors left homeless and hungry. The Real Housewives of New York City star was in the country this past weekend, visiting those affected by the tragic aftershocks in Mexico City and Jojutla with a small group from The Cabo Agency.

After visiting hard-hit areas in Mexico City, Frankel stocked up on supplies and traveled by helicopter to Jojutla – a small town where at least 73 people have died – to deliver lightweight necessities, including feminine hygiene products and baby food.

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“The town’s priest met us when we landed in an open field and drove with us into the center of Jojutla, where we walked into the neighborhood of Juarez – which was totally devastated – along with most of the other neighborhoods of Jojutla,” Frankel tells PEOPLE. “In the neighborhood of Juarez we spoke with people who had lost their loved ones, homes, possessions and livelihood and were living in the streets.”

“It is pure devastation here,” continues Frankel, 46. “The people have less than zero and they estimate it will cost $11 million dollars to rebuild the town. People are living outside. Doctors are performing medical exams in the street. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

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Frankel – whose charity program B Strong recently raised $300,00 in donations and supplies for those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas – decided to plan her own trip to the country so she could help out as soon as possible.

Of Jojutla, Frankel says, “It is the forgotten town that was hardest hit in the country. I feel helpless and like I want to hide because anything I do won’t scratch the surface.”

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“The people are very frustrated with the government,” she adds. “To say they have nothing is an understatement. They have rubble. That is it.”

Frankel says 100 percent of any donations to her B Strong program will be distributed directly to the people in Jojutla through her local Mexican partner.

The reality star is also donating her own money and tells PEOPLE she’s been distributing $20,000 out to the thousands displaced in Jojutla.

“In order to help, you need to know who and where to donate in relief situations so it actually gets to them,” she says, adding, “It is the worst situation I have ever seen.”

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Source/Photo Credit: PEOPLE