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Bella Hadid Says She Is “Incredibly Proud” Of Her Mom Yolanda Hadid For Releasing New Book!

Bella Hadid couldn’t help but gush over her mom, former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid, who recently opened up about her struggle with Lyme Disease in her new book. “I’m so incredibly proud of my mom always, but especially with this book. I was so excited to be here and support her!,” the 20-year-old supermodel told Us Weekly.

The Dutch beauty, who was diagnosed with the disease in 2012, revealed that her children are the reason she keeps fighting. “I just was hopeless and didn’t see how I was going to get out of the dark hole,” the star shared with Us on September 12. “I wanted to die, but the next second, I looked at a picture of my sweet kids. They are my reason for fighting.”

She continued: “My greatest gift would be if I can find the cure before I leave this planet,” said the former Bravo reality star, “so they can live a life they deserve.”

Of her five-year journey, the mother-of-three said: ”I just had to surrender, like the first year, I fought it every day and I would be miserable about being miserable. At some point you just learn to surrender to your path. This obviously was my path for five years and the healing clock is, you know, the universe's time and not on my time."

To help manage the pain associated with her disease, the author has turned to a natural option, CBD oil. “In the beginning of my journey I tried all the western medicine,” she said. “When I realized that wasn't working for me, I went through the whole holistic side and people with cancer and chronic pain are treated with CBD oil. I started studying that and doing a lot of research around it and it's an amazing herb that people are so against and it's great for me.”

The reality personality pointed out that CBD oil can be used without THC (for those who’d like to avoid a high), saying: “It's great for anti inflammatory, chronic pain, sleep medication and I have an amazing doctor in LA, doctor Frankel and there are so many different strains to treat different things and I really think it's time we open up to the herbs and the things that Mother Earth gives us.”

The star is also paying closer attention to her diet, explaining that she prefers to eat whole, non-processed foods. “My gardening is for my juicing,” she explained. “I'm mainly on a vegetarian diet and I really want to go back to what does Mother Earth give us and how did we move away from that, that's a reason I have the farm now. We live in a world where everyone if suffering from exhaustion, inflammation and it's the pesticides everything else that's in our food that's making me sick.”

Yolanda concluded: “I have always raised my children very healthy, lots of vegetables and protein, but when I got sick I started really making changes in my everyday life.”

Yolanda Hadid's book Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisible Disability of Lyme Disease is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Nobles, including iTunes and Google Play.

Photo Credit: Bravo