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Tinsley Mortimer Reflects On Her First Season On RHONY: “The Entire Season For Me Was Pretty Much A Long Therapy Session”

Tinsley Mortimer is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Tinsley Mortimer reflects on her first season as she recaps on the finale episode and clears up on the photo she gave to Sonja Morgan at her thank you party.

Tinsley writes:

"Wow! I can't believe RHONY Season 9 is over. What a rollercoaster! My life was in such a mess when I joined the show, and I think you can see the entire season for me was pretty much a long therapy session. Kindly, I received so much support from so many people that I do feel I can finally put the past behind me, forgive myself for staying in such a destructive relationship, and once again look forward to the future. Honestly, looking back on Season 9, there are many things I wish I had not done...I was enjoying too many cocktails to calm me down, my language when drinking was abominable (and embarrassed my 94-year-old grandfather), and I was far too loud sometimes...just all over the board. But even with the embarrassment of my erratic actions, overall I feel this time was the most productive of my life and just what I needed. I believe I have pretty much closed the chapter of the arrest and trauma in Palm Beach, and it is no longer a part of me. I'm on my way to truly feeling like myself again.

Moving into a place by myself was a good start at getting my confidence and independence back. I moved out of Sonja's into the Marmara Park Avenue Hotel at the end of February and have lived there ever since. It's the most beautiful little boutique hotel, and the staff is fabulous. It's really going to be difficult leaving there, but Scott and I are planning to move in together in NYC at the beginning of the Fall. I will really miss my petite safe haven at my hotel, but I'm hopeful a new adventure is beginning!

I sincerely hope that Sonja knows the party I gave her was a thank you from the heart. I will always be appreciative of her generosity and hope that we can be really good friends again. She truly saved me by getting me out of Palm Beach and letting me move into her beautiful townhouse. Watching the show with friends and family, I was distressed to see several of the girls try to make Sonja feel the party was disingenuous, insincere, and somehow all about me. I tried hard with the decorations, Thank You Sonja t-shirts, flowers, cake, Sonjatinis, and party food to truly honor our friendship and show my appreciation. I don't do gangups, and it was upsetting to watch some of the girls try to take the honor away from Sonja who deserved a big party. Thankfully Dorinda and Carole would have no part of it since they knew how appreciative I truly was and shut the conversations down.

One minor point I would like to clear up: Following the giving of a picture to Sonja, there were several snarky comments about my picture being in the forefront of the photograph. Having lived in Sonja's house, I know that she loves to put photographs of friends around, so I thought she might enjoy a picture of us together. I bought a heavy sterling silver Ralph Lauren frame and located the only picture I have of us together on my Instagram account from years ago. I thought it was a nice gesture along with the gift card from Bergdorf Goodman's. Sorry!  Again, IT WAS THE ONLY PICTURE I HAD OF US TOGETHER. I did the best I could.

See you next week at Reunion Part I!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo