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The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Wraps Up Filming For Season Four!

This week, the cast of The Real Housewives of Melbourne officially wrapped up filming the show's fourth season. Many of the cast members took to social media to share the news with fans, which the upcoming new series is set to premiere later this year on Foxtel's Arena. Check it out below!

Last night we finished filming The Real Housewives of Melbourne season 4! What an incredible journey! 💜 Im overwhelmed with emotion as I recap how all of this came together. I am so grateful and thankful for every single person who made all of this possible for me. Thank you to my family who truly believed in me, had my best interest at heart, and guided me in the right direction. Thank you to our amazing and unbelievably hardworking production crew, our producers who worked endless hours to make this show a hit, it did not go unnoticed! A big thank you to everyone at Matchbox and FoxteI I could not have asked for a better network to work with, thank you for welcoming me with open heart and for allowing the cast to bring out the best in our own ways. Your diligence, self-motivation as well as dedication have been a source of inspiration for me and my cast members. A big thank you to my love James and my gorgeous daughters Giselle and Sophia for supporting me unconditionally throughout this journey. I will forever be in debt for your hard work, faith, and belief in me. @theupstyler - Richard thank you for sourcing the best and rarest fashion accessories for me! I have utmost respect for your professionalism and dedication and yes this is where I purchase my finest accessories which you will all see on the show @theupstyler is where you can source all the finest limited edition high end accessories. @bohb_by_lisachris Lisa for your hard work and dedication in not only styling my hair but keeping it luscious and healthy @wearableart_by_saphire for my luscious makeup @jasongrech for making the most gorgeous gowns! And who can forget my good friends @ziancouture for creating gowns that will last for years to come and @daniellearidi for her sophisticated elegance and @aron_katona who worked hard in putting together one of my loved looks. I am forever indebted to this team of fantastic Melbournian professionals. I love you all! 💜 #rhomelbourne #finishedproduct #lovemylife #proudofmyjourney #integrity #classisnotdefinedbymoney #keepitreal #empowerwomen #venus #venuscosmetics #respectandforgive #purpleheart💜 #dolcegabbana @lisapotasz @kleiosgirl
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The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 4 set to premiere later this year on Foxtel's Arena!

Photo Credit: Foxtel/Martin Philbey