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Tamra Judge: “Vicki Gunvalson Took No Time In Trying To Poison Peggy’s Mind”

Tamra Judge is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Tamra Judge gets candid about her emotional speech and the documentary Erasing Family.

Tamra writes:

"The Quiet Woman aftermath...I was glad Shannon Beador was able to come over to talk and laugh a little about what happened. I think Shannon realizes it's not healthy to let anyone push her buttons like that. I offered Shannon Clear Mood which helps lessen the effects of stress, worry, and nervousness by facilitating neural cellular function. It's something I take daily and it works. When you're trying to get healthy and lose weight it's truly about mind, body, and soul. If your mind's not in a good place, you will have difficulties losing weight. If you are interested in Clear Mood™ AdvoCare, here is my website to order.

I don't understand why Kelly Dodd keeps saying she had no idea we would be at the restaurant. She talked to Lydia McLaughlin 10 minutes before we got to The Quiet Woman. She didn't just "run into us" like she explained to Michael. She wasn't some innocent bystander that got attacked, she came in knowing and the rest is history. 

Yes, Kelly has been kicked out of multiple gatherings for a good reason...her mouth! So let me try and understand...Shannon is suffering from Stockholm syndrome? I am holding Shannon hostage and Shannon has taken on my characteristics as a survival strategy?! Hahahaha, I am laughing just writing this. Where does she come up with this crap? Actions speak louder than words, Kelly, and I'm pretty sure everyone that watched last week's episode can call bulls*** on this statement. The look on Michael's face said it all.

I commend Meghan King Edmonds for reaching out to Kelly and letting her know that someone is spreading a rumor about her cheating. That's what friends do! I don't know why Kelly got so defensive and attacked Meghan. It's not like Meghan went around spreading rumors about Kelly cheating. When you spread a rumor, you're just as guilty as the person that created it. Like they say, fake friends believe in rumors, real friends believe in you.

Yep, it does rain in the OC but not very often. What an amazing party Lydia and her mom Judy put together. I wish I could have attended. I just love Mama Judy, she's so positive and happy. The world needs more people like her. If the crown fits, wear it!

It seems Peggy Sulahian is very open about her health problems. I know this has to be difficult since she lost her mother to breast cancer. Vicki Gunvalson took no time in trying to poison Peggy's mind. Telling her, "Tamra and Shannon need to be fairy dusted. Shannon has a mean heart." Projecting much, Vicki? Her best line of the night was, "medical issues should be kept private." LOL, especially if you're lying! No one cares who is the "researcher" of someone else's illness. No one "researched" Peggy's. But when it's transparent that someone is lying about a serious illness that almost everyone has been affected by, yes someone's going to call you out. Lydia was very good about redirecting the conversation when Vicki and Kelly started bashing us. You could tell she did not want to be part of the gossip, and it was best to move them along. There is nothing worse than negative talk at a kid's birthday party.

Watching Shannon driving with Sophie brought back memories. It was like watching me and Spencer last year - I freaked out and made him more nervous. So I handed it off to Eddie and all was good.

I've only seen Ryan cry as an adult two times - when Ava was born and when I married Eddie. He keeps his emotions bottled up like most of my family. Listening to Ryan talk about raising three stepchildren and suddenly relating to Simon was a complete shock to me. I'm proud that he realizes that Simon wanted what was best for him. Being a stepparent has to be one of the hardest jobs.

Writing a speech for Erasing Family was really hard for me. It's difficult for me to talk about my feelings. I've been taught to sweep things under the rug and suck it up. I do believe that God is in charge of my life and you go through painful things to learn and help others. Eddie has been a huge help to me. His love, understanding, and compassion have gotten me through so many difficult days.

Three years ago when I was in the heat of things, I started researching. I came across Ginger's Facebook page I sent her a direct message asking her how I could help. Ginger was erased from her dad's life as a child, so she knows first hand what it feels like. They did reunite and she has spent her life traveling the world and making nonprofit documentaries to help bring awareness. Last year she came to my house and interviewed me as part of this documentary.

Speaking at the gala meant I had to share my story with strangers that are going through the exact same thing. It's still really hard for me to talk about and when I do, I break down in tears. Unless you have gone through it, no one understands the pain. Having my family there meant the world to me, since they are also impacted by this. My mom not showing up really hurt my feelings.

Erasing Family is a nonprofit documentary that brings awareness to parental alienation, divorce and the court system. Their mission statement is to reunite parents erased. Family bond obstruction is a public health crisis that can be changed with education and legal reform. If you would like to donate to the Erasing Family Documentary, you can here.

Remember, love your children MORE than you hate your ex. Kids deserve both parents."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo