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Tamra Judge Slams Gretchen Rossi For Defending Estranged Daughter; Calls Her “Thirsty” And Say’s She’s The “Biggest Piece Of S**t I’ve Ever Met” — Gretchen Claps Back!

Tamra Judge has lashed out at Gretchen Rossi for coming to her estranged daughter Sidney Barney's defense. Judge slammed her former Real Housewives of Orange County co-star, calling her a “thirsty wannabe,” and an “obsessed freak.”

It all went down when Judge’s 18 year-old daughter, Sidney Barney addressed her estranged relationship with Judge, accusing her mother of being mentally and emotionally abusive, and calling her toxic.

Then, Rossi left a message on Barney’s Facebook page that enraged Judge.

“You have no idea how your brave words are helping so many who have been wronged by your mother’s manipulation and lies as well… so thank you for being brave enough to speak the truth,” Rossi wrote. “I am so sorry your mother and your family is going through any of this, especially publicly, but continue to stay strong. Your morals and strength are commendable and inspiring.”

Judge ripped her arch nemesis for her unnecessary comment.  “I usually don’t give this troll any attention because it’s exactly what she wants,” she wrote on an Instagram post about Rossi’s comment.

“But after years of her bashing me and now reaching out to my daughter I must say. Gretchen you are the biggest piece of s**t I’ve ever met.”

Judge continued attacking Rossi, writing: “You are obsessed with my life and I haven’t even seen or spoke to you in 5 years. #MoveOn. You have NO IDEA what my family is going through or what the truth is, Nor do you care. It's just an opportunity for you to get your name in the press. #obbsessedfreak”

Judge deleted the post but Rossi responded on social media Tuesday night, writing that she was trying to help “a child crying out for help.”

“So a question to ponder? If a child is crying out for help, claiming verbal/ emotional abuse and neglect…do we as humans stand by and do nothing about it?,” wrote Rossi“Or do you get involved and do what you can to make sure this child’s voice is heard? Whether I have a child or not it does not have a bearing on doing what is right.”

Rossi also tried to explain her actions. “When did I say I was trying to do that? T put her in the spotlight by going against her wishes and talking about it on the show. Sidney called her mom out about the lies on the show and I simple showed my support for her doing the right thing (as hard as that probably was for her)”

Gretchen had a message for Tamra. "And just for the record to Tamras childish response. "Thirsty is choosing to stay on a show for fame and money using your daughter as a storyline (even after she has asked you to stop) versus having an actual relationship with your daughter. There is nothing about your life to be jealous or obsessed with. I have chosen real love and relationships over everything else you perceive to be of value."

She added: "I pray for reconciliation and for the abuse and lies to stop that this can be repaired. I believe the Lord can truly work miracles in families lives, let's hope this is one of them."

Then, Rossi responded to some tweets that questioned her motives.

As for Tamra, she had a few words for her former nemesis on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Bravo