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Tamra Judge Reportedly Banned From Mentioning Relationship With Estranged Daughter And Family Feud Storyline On RHOC!

Tamra Judge has been candid about her estranged relationship with her daughter Sidney following her divorce from ex-husband Simon Barney on The Real Housewives of Orange County. However, it looks like the mother-of-four will have to find a different storyline on the Bravo hit reality show. Find out why below!

A few weeks ago, Tamra cried about her estranged relationship with her daughter on the hit Bravo reality show. But after the two took their battle off camera and onto social media last week, a new report claims that Sidney and her father Simon Barney took more drastic measures to keep the teen’s name from Tamra’s lips.

“Simon and Sidney actually contacted the network and said that they cannot use any of this drama for any more upcoming episodes of RHOC,” a production insider told Radar Online. “In fact, Sidney doesn’t want her name even mentioned on the show or anywhere on Bravo for that matter. She really wants this all to go away!”

As previously reported, Sidney allegedly threatened her mom with a cease and desist letter after Judge continued to publicly defend herself against Sidney’s accusations that she was “abusive and neglectful.”

“All Sidney wants is for Tamra to keep her mouth shut about her and leave her alone,” a source previously said. “Tamra called Sidney to try and fix things, and Sidney basically told her that she was dead to her and to leave it alone.”

Photo Credit: Google Images