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Tamra Judge: “I Am Not Proud Of Saying The Mean Things About Vicki”

Tamra Judge is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Tamra Judge regrets her "mean" comments about Vicki Gunvalson at Meghan King Edmonds' Sip-N-See party.

Tamra writes:

"I knew if Shannon was going to attend the Sip-N-See she needed to do two things, talk to Kelly and practice her "hello" to Vicki. Her Helllll-O  was more like a Hellllll-No.  

In the past two episodes I've been called the new "puppet master" and I "conquer and divide". I'm getting a lot of credit for two things I absolutely do not do.

Meeting with Kelly and Shannon was more like "let's agree to disagree". Yes, Kelly you knew we were at the Quiet Woman but we can pretend you didn't and NO Vicki doesn't say anything about me and Shannon to you. It was YOU...WHO...YOU...WHO, that repeated what Vicki told you in Ireland and THAT'S why we are divided.

I do love Kelly's mom she reminds me of my mom and always has such good advice. "Listen to Tamra and be nice!"

I believe Shannon said that she was stressed from Vicki's allegations last year and it caused her to gain weight. Not that Vicki force fed her.

When we walked into the party it felt awkward seeing Vicki on the couch with the other ladies. I agree with what Lydia was telling them, she was not trying to be malicious by inviting Kelly to the Quiet Woman, I just wish she would have told us at the time.

Okay I agree, I was drinking too much. Thanks for pointing that out Shannon, that's what good friends do. Not going to lie it felt weird to be around Vicki and I thought I needed some liquid courage. I actually had too much liquid and courage because I am not proud of saying the mean things about Vicki..."catch a disease and she looks haggard"  I apologize Vicki for saying those things. 

Watching this episode I spot that ugly lump/scar on my right arm and it reminds me to tell you. Go get your skin checked people! A couple months prior to filming I had surgery to remove squamous cell skin cancer, it left an ugly scar...I have medical records to prove it. Sorry couldn't resist.

Vicki saying we should make an effort is kinda ass backwards in my opinion? After all she was caught doing something wrong shouldn't she make the effort? Wow, clearly Vicki was making fun of Shannon's weight to Kelly in the back of the SUV. She knew how bad that was since she tried to cover her mouth.  

You're right Vicki, I know exactly what kind of friend you have been lately. Can't wait to see how you're going to "punish" us."

What do you think about Tamra’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo