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Stassi Schroeder Gets Dumped By Boyfriend Patrick Meagher On Their Anniversary!

Stassi Schroeder has revealed that her on-again off-again boyfriend Patrick Meagher broke up with her on the day of their anniversary. The Vanderpump Rules star took to social media to announce that she had been dumped on Friday, August 11, the day she and her boyfriend were supposed to be celebrating four years together.

Schroeder, shared a now-deleted photo with him on Instagram on Friday, with a message poking fun at their on-again off-again relationship, writing: "I met this gangster 4 years ago. And we've been together consistently without one disagreement ever…"

On Saturday, August 12, she announcing the split and revealing she had planned a vacation to celebrate their big milestone. “Broken up with on our anniversary after I planned a trip for us to Mexico,” Schroeder wrote on Twitter. “Call me Carrie Bradshaw. @rachaelnobrien you're coming w me now.”

The Bravo reality star also shared a photo of a scene from Sex and the City: The Movie, where Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) ran into Big on the street after he stood her up on their wedding day.

Schroeder called on her friend Rachael O'Brien to step in and join her on the trip, just as Samantha Jones, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes did in SATC after Bradshaw paid for a luxurious honeymoon on her credit card before being left at the altar.

“Currently.... @rachaelnobrien, will you accompany me to Mexico, close the shades & feed me oatmeal on the trip I planned? If I see any ❤ s--t, I may die,” she wrote, referring to the scenes where a heartbroken Bradshaw is in a deep “Mexicoma,” spending the trip sleeping and being fed in bed by her friends.

Schroeder also posted a video on Instagram on Saturday that showed her in tears along with the caption "Please be nice." In the video she added to her stories, she said, "If I see one more comment saying you were rooting for us guys, I'm going to lose my s--t. Please be supportive or don't say anything," reports Us Weekly.

On August 7, Schroeder shared a photo with Meagher, writing, “I let him have his 15 minutes ;),” which many of her followers thought meant that he had finally agreed to be on Vanderpump Rules after refusing to do so for the past four years.

Photo Credit: Tom Briglia/FilmMagic