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Sonja Morgan Makes It Clear That She “Would Never Go Out” Or Befriend Tom D’Agostino; Says “I’m There For Luann”

Sonja Morgan has revealed she’s giving her longtime pal and former friend with benefit Tom D'Agostino the cold shoulder following his split from Real Housewives of New York City co-star Luann de Lesseps.

“That’s done,” she tells PEOPLE Now of her friendship with D’Agostino. “Absolutely. Because for me friend, girlfriends come first. I would never go out with a girlfriend’s ex-husband or ex-boyfriend. That’s just a rule for me. I wouldn’t do it.”

Morgan, 53, has said she went on a handful of dates with Tom (who, for his part, claimed they only “got together once”), but now she’s simply calling him a onetime “drinking buddy.”

“Tom and I were good friends for much longer time than Luann knew him obviously,” she continues to PEOPLE Now. “And even though Dorinda [Medley] said she knew him for 10 years, she didn’t know him like I knew Tom. We’re good buddies. He was my drinking buddy. I really knew him to be the bachelor he is.”

Because of that, Morgan says she “wasn’t surprised” by the split — but remains firmly on Team Luann.

“No, no, I’m not there for Tom,” the reality star responds when asked if she’s contacted D’Agostino since news of their divorce broke. “I’m there for Luann.”

Photo Credit: Bravo