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Shannon Beador Teases Future Friendship With Kelly Dodd And Reveals How She Plans To Lose 40 Pounds!

Shannon Beador reflects on her explosive confrontation with Kelly Dodd at The Quiet Woman during last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Beador reveals that she walked away from the tumultuous night with some regrets. "I'm embarrassed by the way I acted in the last episode at The Quiet Woman. I hadn't seen her for six months, so the fact that we were filming, it just wasn't what I expected," she told E! News.

"Certainly not when I was in the restroom. So I was just kind of panicked...And it was my last hurrah, so I'd had a cocktail or two, so I just talked about the weight. I don't know how many times I said, 'It's the weight!' I said it over and over again. Ugh, humiliating! But I said it, I'll own it and take responsibility."

"Kelly goes for the jugular and I don't get that. I mean, she said in her interview that she gets excited by pushing my buttons and seeing me go off the rails," Shannon continued. "I don't get off on that. I don't like upsetting anybody, I really don't. And any time I'm in an argument on the show, I beat myself up for days afterwards because I don't like it. I don't like to argue."

While whatever relationship Shannon and Kelly once had may have seemed irreparable by the end of the ill-fated dinner, Shannon shockingly reveals there might be hope for the two to spark a friendship in the near future of the season. "You know, stranger things have happened.' she said. "Leaving The Quiet Woman, I thought there is no way this is every going to be patched up. But it might."

One person who you shouldn't expect becoming a close friend of Beador is returning Housewife Lydia McLaughlin. "Lydia stirs the pot a lot. Not a little. She stirs it a lot," Shannon said. "The fact that Lydia invited Kelly to a dinner knowing—you see her say to Peggy, 'Shannon and Tamra don't get along with Kelly, but I invited her to dinner' oh which, by the way, it was Tamra and my dinner which we invited Lydia to! So, do you invite somebody to another person's dinner and then not tell them? None of it makes sense."

Looking ahead to the rest of what's sure to be a dramatic twelfth season of RHOC, Shannon did admit there's one phrase that she hopes she won't have to utter ever again. "I just hope that this season, you don't hear me say, 'I'm done! I'm done'" she said, laughing. "Because I say that all the time!"

This season on the Bravo hit reality series, Shannon has been candid about her weight gain struggles. Now, the mother of three is determined to drop some pounds.

"I've gained 40 pounds, which is insane to me," Shannon shared with E! News ahead of her appearance on tonight's Watch What Happens Live. "I didn't think I would be in the 150's in my lifetime let alone the 160's and the 170's but I'm telling you, if you're 53 it could happen."

She continued, "I've always been a healthy eater but I just went off the deep end a little bit so I'm eating clean and healthy again and that's just a huge part of it."

Today, Beador often times kicks off her day with egg whites. Lunch includes a salad with a lean protein while dinner features a vegetable and a protein. With help from her trainer Tim Ramirez, Shannon is also working on her fitness for 30 minutes each day.

"I'm not looking for the fitness body that Tamra Judge has that I'd love to have but it's not going to happen," she joked. "He has me doing different moves that target different parts of my body and it's getting the job done."

In addition to her weight struggles, Shannon will also document her marriage to David Beador throughout the season. While Shannon admitted that her weight gain had an effect on their intimacy, she's proud to admit that their bond and love for each other remains strong today.

"We're doing well. Marriages go up and down and I think you're going to see that," Shannon teased. "We were at a high last season so I think you're going to see some tapering down but we're still together and we're still good."

Photo Credit: Bravo