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RHONY Recap: Thank You And Good Night [Episode 19]

Looking back on The Real Housewives of New York City's ninth season I think it was pretty strong. Ramona and Bethenny had a season long feud. Dorinda gave us another iconic line with "Clip, Clip, Clip". We met the infamous Tinsley Mortimer. Lu got married. We had another Berkshires brawl. Carole got sad about the election, and we had one of the best cast trips in Housewives history! So I think that these girls delivered a solid season.

Last nights episode showed everyone getting back into their normal routines after that crazy Mexico trip. Carole and Adam walked took OG baby for a walk and Carole said "I'll buy you a coffee." Yes this is a normal sentence but it got me thinking, how much money does Miss Radziwill have? According to google I found out that Carole's "reported" net worth is $50million! What?! I know Carole's written a few books and worked at ABC News but $50million?! Damn Carole, yes you should pay for Adam's coffee!

While googling Carole's finances I also saw the scene with Bethenny and her new boo. He is so cute but we all know this is 'a in at 11 and out at 7 situation.' I mean, am I right Sonja? Bethenny has finally fallen in line with the other NYC ladies and started rocking the cradle. I mean Ramona, Luann, Sonja, Carole and Tinsley have ALL got with younger men so Bethenny is just following suit. After we met the hockey player boyfriend Dorinda popped in for a tour of Bethenny's enormous apartment and I have to confess, I really like Dorinda and Bethenny together and let me tell you why. B and D are both grown women and no they aren't best friends and they don't pretend that they are but what I like is that they both have this mutual respect for each other that we don't see a lot in Housewives land, but I feel like that will all unravel at the reunion!

We all saw Luann and Tom together for the last time on our screens and it was just as cringy and manufactured as I expected it to be. They played tennis and Lu said that "she was on a mission to make this work, and I did!" Every Tom and Lu scene that I see, I always feel like she cares more about him then he cares about her and it makes me sad. The one silverlining to watching this boring scene is that it reminded me that we never, ever have to see Tom on our screens again. Unless Sonja or Ramona decided to get messy and invites him to party.

What else happened? Dorinda's daughter has finally moved out and John is spending the night. John pulled out a Beyonce "lookalike" dress and it is things like that, that annoy me about John. He always feels like need to give Dorinda a present or make some grand statement (infront of the cameras) and everytime he pops up he just looks like a big, sweaty meatball. However I'm not gonna jump on Bethenny's train from last season so if Dorinda's happy - I'm happy. I love how strong Dorinda is and how she doesn't need a man in her life 24/7. Hannah moved out and she's not moving John in, she's just taking her time for herself which she hasn't done in years and I admire that. You go Dorinda!

Finally after catching up with all the wives we arrived at Tinsley's "Thank You Fuck You" Party. Tinsley moved out of Sonja's townhouse and into a nice hotel (well for $7000 a month you'd hope it would be nice) so she decided to throw Sonja a "thank you" party. Yes it was obviously set up by production but I was going along with it. Tinsley and her boyfriend (I wanna say Scott?) are so cute together. I hope it lasts and it isn't another Lu and Tom situation. Ramona dropped the bomb that Sonja wasn't coming which was obviously a lie because Sonja Morgan will never miss an opportunity to be the centre of attention. We also saw Tom's hot mic moment with Missy which just reenforced how disgusting he is when it was juxtaposed with Lu talking about her new life with him. Pig.

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Photo Credit: Bravo