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RHONY Recap: Season 9 Reunion, Part 3 [Episode 22]

This last instalment of the reunion reminded me why I love the New York ladies. I think that out of all seven current cities, the New York women are the most fun to watch. The drama isn't deep and dark like in the other shows but they still manage to entertain me!

We started off with ALL the sex talk. Tinsley spilled the tea that her ex-husband sent her a letter when she talked about having anal sex with him on the show. The Mortimers are a very high society family in New York (according to Sonja) so apparently he wasn't happy, but come on, his name is Topper - it's kind of expected. They also flashed back to the time Sonja did anal with a pirate in St. Barths. SEE! In what other show can you say that about. I live for a pirate flashback. By the way, do we have clarification that the pirate did in fact butt fuck Sonja? Someone comment below!

Sonja also said she was allergic to Harry Dubin's sperm. I don't think it was allergies, I think it was chlamydia. The Singer Stinger also shared that she doesn't consider oral sex to be actual sex because she is 'catholic.' Well I'm not catholic and I don't think oral sex is actual sex, does anyone agree? Well it doesn't matter because Ramona isn't giving any, she's only receiving. Now that is quintessential Ramona! How physically draining would it be to be dating Ramona? That thought literally gives me anxiety.

Next up was the Bethenny vs Ramona feud. I expected Bethenny to literally tear Ramona to shreds but it didn't get that deep. Bethenny knows that the entire world is on her side so she could give zero fucks about fighting with Ramona. B had a comeback for everything Ramona threw at her, so Ramona 100% lost that war. If you think about it, Bethenny is maybe the only Housewife in history to come out of every single feud she has had, the undisputed winner. Remember the Jill Zarin days? In some twisted way, I think Ramona believes her own lies. Maybe if you've been on The Ramona Coaster for 50+ years then everything you say becomes the truth. Bethenny may be the star of the show but Ramona is the ultimate OG, neither of these ladies are going anywhere for season 10! Their beef isn't that serious and as long as Ramona doesn't try to crawl up Bethenny's ass, I think they will be good.

Andy then moved on over to the Sonja vs Tinsley feud. I think while Tinsley desperately needed to reach for a storyline, Sonja was just plain rude to her. I really don't think it was that intense. By the way, am I in the minority to think that Sonja didn't give the story to Page Six. I think that Sonja was complaining to her friends and one of them was thirsty enough to sell the story or she sent one of her interns over to The Post to sell the story. We see you Conner! I want Tinsley back, but not crying, sensitive Tinsley. I want zero fucks, party all the time Tinsley, I mean this is New York not Beverly Hills. If we do see Tinsley next season I doubt Sonja will let the beef go! I mean she is STILL talking about the Berkshires and Tom!

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Photo Credit: Bravo