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RHONY Recap: Season 9 Reunion, Part 2 [Episode 21]

These big apple ladies know to deliver at the reunion. They talked about Lu and Tom, Tinsley joining the crew, the election and we finally got some kind of idea about Bethenny's baby daddy drama! Let's me get started with pouring the tea that the ladies served.

We started were we left off: talking about Tom & Lu! Luann tried to get crafty and shade Ramona about Mario's affair but it just made her look stupid. I mean, Ramona left so what is Luann's point? Deflect, deflect, deflect! Bethenny was taking shots at Luann for calling Tom's "one bedroom, top floor apartment" a penthouse. Well Miss Skinnygirl, technically it is a penthouse and why do you care? It must be so annoying to be Bethenny. She's always so critical about everything, just chill the fuck out Bethenny! Luann also tried to defend Tom which made me cringe so hard that it hurt! After Luann gushed about Tom we wrapped up this drama for good. Thank god!

Then it was Tinsley's turn in the hot seat! Tins and Scott are still together which is so cute, they even va-cayed with Carole and Adam in Spain. She also spilled the tea that they are moving in together in the fall which I did not expect. Tinsley opened up about her abusive relationship and how she allowed it to go on for so long. She also dished on her "drinking" which I am beyond over. Whenever some drinks a little too much on these shows they have a "problem" like can't they just have fun. Tinsley owned her bad drinking habits and I hope she's back next year, she's got a new man and I want to see her relationships grow with all the ladies.

Sonja talked about her weird relationships with Rocco and Frenchie, which I could not care less about. She is still sleeping with Frenchie, but not Rocco. The real tea that came out was when Luann, Dorinda AND Carole all hinted that Frenchie is an actor hired by Sonja, but Tinsley heard them having sex so she is paying for that too? I don't think Frenchie's an actor because lets be honest: if there is ONE THING Sonja Morgan can do, it's get a man!

Carole was up next and she came clean that her and Adam are not together, well sort of. They took a "step down" but basically they are still together. Boring. That was about as juicy as Carole's section of this reunion was. My favourite part of the reunion was probably when the ladies dished on who they voted for. Bethenny, Carole and Dorinda all admitted to voting for Hillary while Ramona, Sonja and Luann all plead the fifth. Shady boots! Come on, we all know they totally voted for Trump.

All these ladies are from the Upper East Side and did have some kind of social engagement with him which makes sense. Bethenny also had a fun story about meeting Trump during the walk of shame and he recognised her and everything, but the biggest woah moment was when Tinsley admitted that she didn't vote. She had a lame excuse that she couldn't sign up but let's be real, politics isn't Tinsley Mortimer's thing. If it's not shopping or drinking, it's not her thing! Ooh, thats a good tagline for next season, you heard it here first!

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Photo Credit: Bravo