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RHOD Recap: Look Who’s Not Talking [Episode 1]

Oh My God. The Real Housewives of Dallas are back and truly better than ever! They all look snatched and I am so excited for the rest of the season. There was a lot in this episode so let's get started!

We started with Cary, Stephanie and the newbie Kameron. They were talking about Cary's husbands upcoming birthday party but what they really wanted to do was spill the tea about LeeAnne's police report. Marie (LeeAnne's ex friend) is obsessed with trying to ruin LeeAnne's life and posted an old police report on twitter. It said that LeeAnne tried to kill her ex-boyfriend with a knife and sandpaper. What? I thought it was messy for Marie to post it, but even messier for Cary and Stephanie to bring it on the show. I did like that Cary reached out to LeeAnne in private about the report though.

Newsflash! Brandi and LeeAnne are BFFS! Surprise! I actually really like this partnership. They both seem like they genuinely like and care about each other. Also I was living for LeeAnne's highlights. Yes! We also found out that Brandi and Stephanie are no longer friends after Steph wrote something in her Bravo blog last year. Brandi decided to completely block her out of her life. Shady, but I completely understand. Brandi also brought up that she really did show her whole life on the show last year, but Steph didn't get that deep. They've both said that without each other they have had better relationships with their husbands so I guess thats one silverlining? The really sad thing was that Travis and Bryan were best friends as well and now there relationship is strained. While I think I'm probably on #TeamBrandi, I want to see those two getting drunk off Jesus Juice again and having fun again!

We met the new housewife - Kameron Westcott. She is Cary's friend and she already knows most of the ladies. I like her, but I'm not sold. The dumb blonde act is getting really old, and it was the first episode. We found out that she's uber rich and living in Hyland Park and she's married to a hobbit that she didn't know was rich, so thats a good start. One thing I like about Kameron is her pink obsession. With everyone horrible in the world it's good when there are positive people so I am interested to see how I feel about her as the season goes on.

The other newbie we met this week was D'Andra Simmons. I. Love. D'Andra. She seems like she doesn't take her self to seriously and can have some fun, but you do not want to cross her. D'Andra is LeeAnne's friend which they proved when they flashed back to when LeeAnne dropped her name at the reunion. D'Andra comes from money is an is extremely rich, like rich on another planet. She's got a hot army husband and a close relationship with her mom which I am so into. I love everything about her mom, Dee. I love the clothes, the makeup, the attitude, I mean can they give Dee a star as well! I am so interested to see who D'Andra clashes with because I would not want to be fighting a war against LeeAnne and D'Andra. Trust and believe!

We also got to see LeeAnne go to therapy which showed a whole other side to her. Yes she has a past, but who doesn't? She is trying to move on and be the best person she can be. I think LeeAnne just needs to not let people get to her because it would annoy them more if she didn't react. They want a reaction and LeeAnne just needs to close her eyes, count to ten, take a breath and not let the haters get the better of her. Also can we talk about LeeAnne's silverfox Rich. He keeps her grounded and keeps it real with her which I love!

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Photo Credit: Bravo