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RHOD Recap: Haute Dogs of Dallas [Episode 2]

The Real Housewives of Dallas are giving the OC ladies a run for their money! This season just feels like how a Real Housewives show should feel and I cannot get enough!

This season has just started and there is already heaps of drama! Stephanie is in therapy because of this Brandi drama and I genuinely feel bad. I love these two girls together and I just want to see them mended! While Stephanie was crying in therapy, Brandi and Cary were having lunch to talk about Steph's text. Ugh. The mess. Steph put words into Cary's mouth which she shouldn't of done, it's messy! Brandi also admitted that she was jealous that Cary is now Steph's ride or die, which I mean thats grown to admit. I'm smelling a Brandi and Cary season 3 feud.

I am still trying to warm up to Kameron but I can't. I'm not sure if it's the voice or the pink dog food but I am just not feeling her. I'm getting Dorit Kemsley and Alexis Bellino vibes which aren't the best vibes to be getting. Let's see how I'm feeling about her next week. However I am loving the other newbie D'Andra! She is smart, educated and knows how to do business. I mean she moved back to Dallas 13 years ago because her mom told her she was getting her own company. Damn, 13 years! I LOVE D'Andra so I am really hoping my girl can get that well deserved promotion! I also feel bad about how she's always on egg shells around her mom Dee but I love me some Dee!

Stephanie and Travis are looking for houses and the found an amazing house in Dallas, but there is a pool in the living room. I mean what was the architect even thinking. The rest of the house was amazing but I couldn't get over the pool. They have kids and dogs and what if they have a wild night - a pool in the living room is not a safe way to go! Anyway, Steph made Travis agree that they would make the decision together. Approximately 2.3 seconds after that Travis went and bought the goddamn house! Travis must have some serious coin if he can drop $5 million on the house just like that! Safe to say Stephanie was not happy. Shady boots!

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Photo Credit: Bravo